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How to use weed for insomnia ??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tits or GTFO, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Alright. I know this might sound like a stupid question but bear with me. How much should I smoke and how long after I smoke should I attempt to sleep. 1 bowl of dank gets me mildly high and 2 gets me pretty high. Should I smoke and immediately try to sleep or wait an hour or wait until the comedown???
  2. dude just buy like an o of midz for like evry 2 or 3 weeks and smoke like a bowl of 2 before bed. that way ya aint wasting good bud and not wasting mad money either. ps like the username lol. peace and love bro
  3. if i were trying to use weed to go to sleep, i would buy shitty weed. then i would smoke a fatass blunt about 2 hours before i go to bed. i would be burnt out and just fuckin pass out.
  4. One bowl seems sufficient. If you are too high you will lay awake staring at the celing with your mind racing
  5. Smoke a bowl, wait until you're mildly high and then go to sleep, it works perfectly (for me).
  6. I use weed for insomnia. I smoke when i want to go to sleep. Just get a indica strain, dont smoke alot. Just enough to make you feel good. If you roll blunts, just smoke half.
  7. If you roll a "proper" blunt (fully packed normal sized blunt) then you should only need a quarter, at least the way blunts are here (people roll them fat since we smoke them only on occasion)
  8. smoke bout half hour before you wanna go nappy
  9. Don't smoke and try to go to sleep.

    Smoke a bowl or however much it takes to get you high and lay down.

    Watch a little tv until you feel like sleeping then shut it off and sleep. Works for me every time. A fan always helps too just for the noise.
  10. Dont smoke paper or tobacco before sleeping, you wont wake up feeling good. Use something that only uses weed. Joints/blunts are way too uncomfortable for me as is, before bed i would never sleep with that sore throat.
  11. For a sleep aid, I usually smoke as much as I can (keep in mind I usually smoke brick :( ) then do something fun for a half hour - hour and when I come down I'm beat and just want to sleep.
    That's how it works for me anyways.
  12. You could either get relly high like 2 hours before so you burn out or smoke like a bowl 15 mins before.
  13. Going to sleep right away would be a waste of weed. :cool:
    Smoke enough to get pretty high, chill out and listen to music or whatever else you like doing high, munch out and go to bed as you're coming down.
  14. buy mids, crush it for like 20 minutes lay on the couch, you'll pass the hell out promise.
  15. 1. buy sum of the brownest bobby you can find,
    2. roll a fat ass blunt, smoke it to the dolo
    3. lay down and listen to music

    if you do this correctly you should be asleep by the 3rd song on yur cd

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