How to use the 3 fox farm nutes

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  1. noob question, basicly i have no idea how to use these the best, i have grow big, tiger bloom and big bloom. i know your supposed to use grow big for veg stage and tiger bloom for flower stage but what about big bloom? thats what i am most confused about. and i know your supposed to start out slow and slowly ramp up but i need the details on that. like 2ml at first and every other watering bump up 2ml or what, i need some numbers. and it says on the bottle " dont water in direct light"...why not? thanks for the help. still have some time before i am actually growing so i want to get all my questions sorted out now
  2. There's a feeding schedule on their website. Use it as a starting point, don't necessarily follow it to the letter. Start at 1/4 strength and build up slowly.
  3. Tiger Bloom and Grow Big are your base nutrients. Big Bloom is kind of an organic additive that has beneficial bacteria also I believe. Big Bloom can be used for the entire grow.
  4. it came with a schedule but i dont fully understand it. on the chart there are 6's , 2's and 3's. does this mean tablespoons per gallon? according to the chart your supposed to give it atleast one of the 3 EVERY watering. thought there were only to be nutes every other watering? it just seems like allot of feeding to me. it also says to do it 2 times a week. sorry for all the dumb noob questions but this is the only part of the grow that could fuck the whole thing up since its the only part i dont fully understand.
  5. at what point in the grow do i hit half strength? full strength? it also says to do a sledgehammer flush. for the flush do i just use ph balanced water
  6. Ok this is what it means, You feed every other watering (i.e. water,feed, water ,feed, etc.) the numbers are in teaspoons per gallon so if you are going full strength lets say veg week 3 then its 6 tsp (teaspoons) big bloom and 3tsp grow big. I start at 1/4 strength and work up. Its always better to underfeed than over feed (you can't undo burn). You add all of them together in the same gallon.
  7. Feed no more than once a week regardless of how many waterings that covers...
  8. When I water its takes about three days to dry up and I feed every other watering so I never have to feed more than once a week anyway

  9. im pretty sure the brown syrupy looking one (not sure which one it is lol) is in tablespoons, thats what my chart says at least

  10. yeah it is but its the same breakdown in teaspoons. It may say one table spoon = 3 teaspoons. its just easier to keep things in one unit of measurement.
  11. vital info, thanks guys, will revive the thread later if i have any more questions, im sure i will but for now i understand
  12. i also suggest cha-ching from their second trio. it produces amazing results

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