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How to use mmj for ADHD

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by orbweaver, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Does anyone have any experience with using their mmj for ADHD (or have a prescription for this reason)? 
    What results are you getting? How has it worked for you? What strains and methods do you prefer? When do you take your meds, how much, how often? Do you take it every day or do you just use it when you have a project to get through or test to study for? 
    I have my mmj card for a different reason, but I also have ADHD. I've been finding myself using a little bit (as in 1-2 hits at a time) of a very mild strain (Jamaican Lion - almost 1:1 CBD:THC) when I'm studying something or having to get through something that requires me to concentrate. It helps me get through boring tasks that I otherwise have trouble getting through or even starting. I don't do it that often, though.   

  2. Well, you have a great strain to do it more often, if you feel it would help. 
    I don't have ADHD, but my sister does and a long term ex does, and they both have always medicated for it with cannabis, instead of pills. It works better in one than the other (the bf than my sister, but sister has other crazy things going on) 
    When it comes to what will work best for you, that's gonna have to be something you figure out, but I'd suggest, if 1-2 hits works for you to study, then starting in the morning and having a toke or two throughout your day can bring you a focused relaxation, and determination that you might not otherwise have. It may also increase your tolerance, though, just to give you a heads up. 
    That Jamaican Lion sounds awesome! I wanna try some :)
  3. I have ADD and weed does the complete opposite for me. Makes my mind race like crazy and I can't focus on doing just one thing

    Could be a good thing or a bad thing. I'm no longer on prescription meds for ADD, and I take ADD as a blessing

  4. May I ask if you've tried CBD strains for it, Omega?
  5. #5 orbweaver, Oct 11, 2014
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    Yep, sounds like you need some of the CBD. 
    Try my stuff!! Jamaican Lion. I think that Cannatonic is similar. I'm not too different from you, JL is really the only sativa I tolerate very well. I get jittery and jumpy on other sativa strains. 
    Failing that, look for some of the milder strains (whatever those are) or if you have access, mix it up with some leaf. Or get a CBD-only strain (if that's all you can find) and cut your regular weed with it. I mix my stuff up all the time (e.g. half JL and half Black Domina for bad pain, etc).
    The JL is a really, really mild strain. I like its mildness. You can pretty much smoke it all day (a little at a time) and still function.  
    I could have some tolerance going but it doesn't make me very "high" for more than about half an hour or so (during which time I can be eating, drinking my coffee, watching something, taking a break, etc). Then it settles in and I'm mellow and focused for a few hours. My mom said that JL is the closest she's ever smoked to "old hippie weed" (I jokingly call it "diet weed"). Virtually anything else I've ever smoked (vaped, bonged, eaten, etc) is too strong for day use or for when I need to concentrate on something. 
    I have the issue that I am just not a sativa person but JL (which is a sativa) is the first one I have ever done really well with. 
    ^ what she said! Try it!
  6. Hi orbweaver, I have ADD and I use cannabis to treat it. I've been off pharmaceuticals for almost 2 years. It took me a long time to winnow out the strains that did not work for me. Most of the last 2 years has been spent doing that. I've tried around 100 strains. After a while you loose track but it's in that ball park. I used to keep a record but finally just kept narrowing things down until I have 2 strains I use that work very well. There are others that are close or that I use for other purposes, like just getting high :yay: but those 2 allow me to function "normally" and go about my work. I use smoke, vapor, tincture, and RSO. They all have their applications.
    Tell me a bit about your ADD and what you want from your meds? Even though we share ADD it's probably a bit different for both of us.
    I need an upbeat, energetic, creative, happy strain for days and then I a strong Indica to sleep. I sleep very well and have since I began the RSO 2 years ago. I am not looking to get stoned while using my day meds. That's for PM. I want my wits about me during the day.
    As far as how often I use it during the day... :laughing:... all day everyday. But I've acclimated. I began taking RSO oil for an illness and so I began using a higher dose than the average bear. That just means my tolerance is higher. How often you use cannabis is totally dependent on the effect you're after and how long you want it to last. The different forms of taking the meds allow for longer duration of effect. Smoke and vape are about the same. 1 1/2 - 2 hours w residual. Tincture is roughly 3 1/2 hours. Coconut cannabis oil caps are 6 ish hours (Those are great for night time) I call those my night caps. If you're out and about, Tinctures or oil are perfect. Travel well and have no smells.
    Happy to share what I know.....
  7. Morning orbweaver...I didn't get a chance to check out Jamaican Lion until this AM. I use Leafly and medicalmarijuanastrains to cross check strains. Leafly is a bit sketchy right now for me. I can see how you like your mix. My favorite strain is Island Sweet skunk, not to be confused with Sweet Island Skunk. 2 very different strains that Leafly has chosen to mix into one. I use it as my primary. The 2nd one is a new strain. Tangie. There are a few Tangie blends coming out. Sour Tangie is very good and kind of like Jamaican Lion. I've tried it and like it. And Tangelope, which I have yet to try, but it's a blend of Tangie and chocolope, which is a pretty good little strain by itself  :smoking:
    I'm looking forward to getting ahold of Tangelope. I've mixed chocolope w my Island Sweet Skunk as well as some Tangie I have and those are real nice. Blends are a good, fun, way to go and I play with that. The things I look for when I go on Leafly are Upbeat/creative/or energetic in the first three spots in any order. Focus and happy can fill it out. I stay away from the big "stoney" three; Euphoric/happy/up, in the primary spots (#1,2,3) They mean stoned n woozy. Which is fine for when that's what you after and there's a ton of Sativas that do that.
    I don't like Green Crack, at all.
    hope this helps'
    take care,
  8. Good questions, good info . Two thumbs up.
    I get different results from different strains, we're all making that point here. Lots of trial and error (i.e. 100+ strains for Harley Jane). 
    Interestingly, limited supply dictates that I use Blueberry Kush, a "strong Indica," as a Sativa like vape. It has enough Sativa properties such that if I only vape a little, I get mostly Sativa effects. I've read elsewhere that others with ADD get similar effects with Indicas, but again, varying upon each specific strain and specific person. 
    Like you I'm looking for daytime use, productivity centered. I have found Cannabis to be an excellent tool for managing my wandering mind and often inability to start or complete projects. I am putting in full 10 hour work days (from home) and getting roughly the same amount of sleep. Both are amazing improvements I've seen since I put focus on cannabis as my primary medicine. 
    I start in the morning around 5am when I get up and vape something, depending on how I'm feeling. I had to start that way because of my medical condition. But it was always something somewhere in the spectrum from Indica to Sativa ;)
    Like was said as well, I use cannabis primarily to treat another medical issue, for me, a functional GI issue, that such treatment would provide ability to go back to and sustain full time employment, something that I lost due to this illness. RSO does amazing stuff for that. 
    The point is to work my way peacefully and happily into the day. Start my day off doing what I'm doing now (computer stuff) and let the RSO kick in, which I also take pretty much as soon as I get up.
    Two hours down the road and the RSO is taking effect, and I now have my "mood management" or mood stabilizer for my bipolar disorder. With that in the background giving me a certain stability, I can vape depending on how I'm feeling if I have it available.
    So, again like HJ said, all day everyday, but the point is: it's a process! Everyone will have their own path, but you're right to ask pertinent questions. 
    Vaping out of an oil rig - even something small and inexpensive like I've got - can be a real welcomed tool and application to use around the house, or a pen if you've got to when you're out. But I use vaping more acutely - it is on a moment to moment basis that I determine whether or not I need to do what kind of dosing, and with what kind of strain.
    As a rule, generally Sativas I use as uppers and Indicas as downers, to put it in the pill terms of my parents. Only, this is a plant. A plant. 
    Also mentioned was mixing different strains. If you're not growing, this is probably as close as you will come to similar joys. Finding the right combination after sticking with it will be pretty sweet when you're there.
    The Girl Scout Cookies I came across the other day was pretty awesome. Best productivity strain I've found. Very positive mind frame, relaxed body buzz, very clear headed and able to focus on the tasks at hand. Rounded off with some White Russian when I needed to take a break and relax, and I had a great day and great night's sleep.
    I've taken all the amphetamines to my heart's playful content, but smoking the right strain at the right time, right setting, right mindful intention, so forth, it can be a really amazing gift you give yourself each and every day.
    ADD does not have to be endured without such a tool, a plant, and a medicine. Phuck Pharmies. 
  9. I have adult adhd im in uk i smoke whatever weed i can get helps my temper so much i prefer heavy indica mainly cheese hmm

    Xt660x 04
  10. I would like to know what I should be looking for when selecting a strain for ADHD..?
  11. Indica tends to relax me but i dont like going out much afterwards :/

    Xt660x 04
  12. I can help with this. Ok you want to look for sativas but I prefer sativa dominant hybrids. When I take indicas and indica dominant I get anxious :/. But nice sativa takes the edge off and I can concentrate.
    I would reiterate that it will take trial and error to really find what works best for you, but usually Sativa strains will help energize and create focus, though be careful for anxiety with high doses or strong Sativas. Indicas will calm you, but too much will put you to sleep. In between the ends of the spectrum, Hybrids of Indica or Sativa dominance will provide a little bit of each. Therefore, there is no definitive answer to your question, but your asking questions and trying to find a good solution, which is a good start. Cheers.

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