How to use Fox Farm Trio ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by xspryox, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. IMG_0982.JPG I purchase this trio
    What's the best way to apply it to my plants?
    Do I just put some in a teaspoon and pour on the flower
    or maybe mix the two that are for veg? And how often should I do I use it? Also I read you have to flush. What is that and how do I do it & when should it be done. THANKS GUYS!
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  2. Seedlings big bloom mixed with water.. Veg big bloom and grow big mixed with water... Flower big bloom and tiger bloom mixed with water.. All are applied to the soil. I flush 3 to 4 weeks before harvest and then water until the plant is finished. My flush is plain tap water until I achieve 200 ppm

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  3. What are you growing in?
  4. Soil indoors
    il indoors
  5. Well then you probably don't need to fertilize your seedlings at all if you are in soil. In fact, if you are in something like fox farm ocean forest, you probably don't need any fertilizer for several weeks.

    A cheap soil test will tell you your soil ph and NPK levels, which is worth doing before you start dumping nutrients into the soil. Generally, it's a good idea to wait until nutrients are depleted from the soil, and then start light (quarter strength, then up to half strength).
  6. Would that apply for pro mix bx as well. I read that promix has no nutrients in it so wouldn't you start feeding nuts after the first week or so?

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  7. If it is inert, or doesn't have sufficient nutrients in it, then yes, you're right. I don't know much about that particular soil, though. Sorry.
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  8. It's actually a soiless medium and is inert. So I guess this would be an exception.

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  9. Google up fox farms feeding chart

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  10. I use pro mix hp and I used fox farm right away didn't see any issues after I did. I love pro mix it works the best.

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  11. depends solely on your soil. If you have top notch soil like others have mentioned you really don't have to put anything in during veg. And then for flower I only use 2 things regularly, biothrive bloom, and a dash of cal-mag.
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  12. I know this was an old post . But I’m planning on buying the same 3 pack . And I wanted to know how it went and if you’re still using it . Is there anything I should know or anything I should get while using this?
  13. It mixes with water. Read the directions!

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  14. I know you mix with water... I’m talking about any other nutes or anything else that will be needed. Some people said cal mag but I’m not sure what a good brand is and if it is needed or just recommended. I’m new to using nutes it’ll be my first grow with them . I’m just trying to figure out my grow method and what all I’ll need to start. I’ll be growing indoor in soil
  15. Jesus this thread is over two years old, start a new one.
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