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How to use a pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by harryozz123, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Bought a pipe (in picture) and wondering what do?
    -do I grind or pick the weed
    -do I grind tobacco or just mix it in

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  2. Grind the weed, don't need tobacco. If you want it, it doesnt have to be ground
  3. That bud looks dank, don't mix it with tobacco. Grind or cut the weed with scissors and smoke.
  4. grind the weed, but not too fine. And don't mix tobacco into a pipe. The only reason people with tobacco with weed is:
    1) To roll a joint with less weed
    2) To get tobacco fix at the same time you are smoking weed
    3) European thing 
    4) Burn better (IMO if you don't suck cock at rolling should burn fine) 
  5. Emoji Game Strong

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  6. Haha 😏

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  7. If you have a grinder, grind it (not too fine). If you don't, just use your fingers (make sure it's still nicely ground up though). If you're a tobacco smoker, you can chop, but if not there's really no point. If you are going to add tobacco you might want to make a bit smaller, but generally just mix it in with the bud.
  8. Throw away the tobacco.
  9. you don't need to mix tobacco with it, i would even recommend not to, as for the weed, you can just break it up in little pieces with your fingers or grind it. Only grind your weed if you have a pipe filter, if you don't then the weed will get in your lungs and mouth when you inhale.

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