how to use a nearby pond to your benefit?

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm plotting a nice little piece of land for mj cultivation thats about 2000 square feet. It just so happens this nice little hideaway area I found happened to have a decent sized rainwater pond next to it which goes about 4 or 5 feet deep and is about 20 feet in diameter. When growing before I've always just used my 5-gallon bucket to water my plants but since I discovered this plot & this pond, it got me thinking that there is probably a way (of which I'm currently unaware of) that an experienced grower would know a trick or two to use this pond to irrigate the mj crops.

    Can anyone out there with more growing experience teach me a trick or two about ways to use nearby ponds as an effective way to draw water from to water your plants? Is this even possible? And if so, what are the best methods to use? Prefer a solution that would be guerilla-friendly as this piece of land is private & I'm trying to do this stealth style. Any help much appreciated, thanks
  2. My concern would be whether or not this pond has a fresh water source to it. Constantly moving water won't become stagnant like water that just sits there with no flow going on. I do know that the whole process is more forgiving when growing far as the pH of water, etc. Heck, outdoor gardens get rain. We sure enjoy it when the rain waters our plants and we don't have to carry water to them. LOL But, I really don't see where stagnant water could be good for them. You also risk getting various forms of bugs and bacteria with water that isn't pure. We have a lake on our property that I have used the water for our plants. But this lake is fed by a underground spring that is constantly throwing out fresh water so I know the water in the pond is not stagnant. The plants did great. Didn't mess with trying to figure out and adjust pH or anything like that, and the 3 or 4 plants we had growing over there each ended up getting about 8 feet tall +/- and we got a really great harvest from those plants. All I can tell you to do is just give it a shot, but be very very aware of bugs. They'll take down your plants in a hurry if the right thing comes along, and nothing hurts quite as bad as to lose something you've worked really hard to grow. Good luck! TWW
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  3. Didnt even think about the stagnant water causing problems! I'll have to test the PH on it. The Ph of the soil was 6.5 but the soil is really really dry. What's the ideal ph of water supposed to be for outdoor mj plants? 5.5 to 6.5?

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