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How to use a glass pipe screen

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by powderking, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. hey guys, i just bought a new glass pipe and bought a screen with it. it looks like a star with a point on one side. i tried both sides in the bowl but i still end up getting the goods in my mouth. any help would be greatly appreciated.
    thx guys

  2. That was so irrelevant.
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    Ahahaha I thought it was hilarious xD op get a better screen is all I can think

  4. Please stop posting stupid ass irrelevant pictures in every thread you see.

    They are not funny.

    I've never used a screen for my glass pipes, but maybe try hitting it a little less hard?
  5. use a normal screen
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    Ehhh. Not a fan of stars. I prefer jacks for smaller pipes. I put glass jacks in my bubbler and spoon.

    As for my bong I don't mind using stars. Just put the point side down and make a flat spot in the bowl. Depending on the size of the hole in the bottom of the bowl the star should work fine.

    Since you are getting shit in your mouth I am assuming you use a smaller spoon. If I don't have a jack available (haven't been to the head shop for a couple weeks) I will either use a piece of bud busted to a size slightly large then the hole or a ball of weed rolled up (depending on the weed).

    Yes that wastes a bit but I find I get less shit in my pipe that way.


    Old hippie stoner trick. Go find a pebble off the street slightly larger than the hole inside your pipe. Free if you desperately need a screen or have only a tiny bit of bud left.
  7. You gotta shape it man. Using screens is not as self-explanatory as it sounds. Take a screen and use the mouth part of your pipe to "shape" the screen. Glass pipes always have round edges, so press the screen against a round edge using your thumb and shape it as round as you can. When you put it in the pipe, if the screen has been shaped, then it will fit in the bowl like a glove, with no spaces on the edges :) especially if you have been using the pipe for a while, because then the resin will help hold the screen in place.

    Now if you still get some weed in your mouth after that, then the only explanation is that your screen isn't fine or thin enough, but this is very unlikely. I have never bought pipe screens that weren't thin enough.
  8. @ OP: Do this if you are using a metal screen. This is probably the easiest solution for you. Don't try this because you are using a glass screen.
  9. use a metal screen, thicker glass screen, or do what i do in a pinch and use a little rock, or just use a 'nug plug' you have options just use your ingenuity
  10. Do you have to clean glass pipes with glass screens more?

    I heard something about ruining your pipe if you do not do this.
  11. try just taking smaller, softer, and more tender hits :p
  12. or use a tiny piece of stem
  13. alright thx for the replies guys. ill try these out
  14. The best way to avoid scoobie snacks is to pack the bowl down lol

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