How to use a cigarette roller?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by USMC4/20, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone!!!!

    So awhile ago, me and one of my buds went down to a head shop in downtown, Milwaukee.

    It was a legit place!!! Haha I loved it there!!!!

    I ended up buying a "cigarette " roller. But I have absolutely ZERO clue how to use it. Got any ideas that will help me out???

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  2. Just YouTube how to use it probably gonna make more sense than me trying to explain it
  3.  fill with weed and a roach and feed in the paper
    i reckon you could roll better than a machine though,
  4. Reckon???? Absolutely FANTASTIC word choice there , my friend!!!! Haha

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  5. Any perks yo using a bud roller??? Or should one stick to rolling by hand if they have that skill
  6. Id say I'm above average at rolling but my hands tend to cramp up so I use my zig zag roller and it's perfect every time. Love it. I think I picked it up for like $6 at a lhs.
  7. i love rolling with my roller and with out. i use the Wiz Khalifa method to roll by hand. rolls perfect fucking cones every damn time, no shit! by far the easiest way to roll by hand. that and they look so damn good when you finish. 
    i think the roller rolls a doobie best if you are adding things to it other then bud. like kief or oil. dump half the bud in the roller, dump the kief in the roller, dump the oil in the roller {careful not to get it on the roller itself}, then the rest of the bud. now roll that bizatch up and smoke away. 
    a con of using a roller is that until the roller has been broken in, it rolls them a little to tight. that and the fabric / plastic doesn't want to stay in the right spot when you are getting ready to load it. some times the paper doesn't load in correctly and you have to back it out. 

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