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*How to use a bong - *Specific*

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Just Ordinary, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Hey blades,

    Well a few months back I got my first bong, and I absolute love it, but I remember up until I just tried it out, I had a million of questions and no one directly answered it so I thought I might give my two cents and feel free to criticize my tutorial or mock me or add on or whatever.

    so basically everyone knows how a bong works but the question I was asking was when do I pull out the bowl(the little place where you place the weed) and when do i suck in and what not. So I'll try to explain in detail but not too much detail

    First, you get your bong and you fill it with water. Now - I can't say specifically for your bong how much water you need. But really it's not too complicated, just have enough water so that the smoke can get filtered by the water, but not too much that when you suck in hard, water splashes up.

    Second, You place the weed on the bowl, or whatever you want to refer it to.

    Third, place your mouth on the top of the bong making a tight air tight seal - doesn't have to be CRAZY tight, just enough that smoke doesn't escape when you suck in

    Fourth, Have a lighter or some sort of source of fire flaming ABOVE the herb. We don't want to torch the weed because that't wasting your weed and your hard earned cash.

    Fifth, Slowly suck in enough so that the fire gets 'pulled' on to the weed. Keep sucking, and when the weed is burning, turn off your lighter or whatever you got( But keep sucking)

    Sixth, Keep sucking. Smoke should be filling up the chambers in your bong. When you think about 80 percent of your lung is filled(basically suck in until you have enough breath left for one hard pull), pull out the bowl, and suck in hard to clear the bong of the smoke.

    Seventh, Hold the smoke - Rule of thumb is around 3 seconds should do it. I usually hold it longer but I don't know the effects of it. But basically suck in and count to 3 and let go.

    Eighth, Fill it back up and keep toking :smoke:
  2. *Additional Info

    Like i mentioned, it looks extra complicated and what not until you basically try it out. and Also, NEVER NEVER NEVER cough or blow back into the bong(I've seen some crazy stupid dudes doing that) - This will cause the air going back into the bong to cause the weed in the bowl to shoot off - now we DON'T want that. if you need to cough, just stop what you're doing, pull your face away from the bong and cough.

    So basically just keep practicing, and if it's your first time just don't worry about it too much - Bong hits are sichensa... nothing compares IMO
  3. I'm getting my very first bong very soon and this helps alot thanks man :)
  4. Thanks for this man i think it will help alot of newbies to bongs!
  5. i usually, right before i clear the chamber suck the ash into the water so i can just repack
  6. Also don't forget to keep it steady and don't tip the bong too much, or water will get on your weed and make it unlightable.
  7. * DO NOT *

    Breathe INTO the bong. You'll thank me later blades.
  8. >Never cough into the bong.
  9. yeah i like to do that too. like a really hard quick pull at the end of the suck in to get all the ash into the water eh? yeah i feel you
  10. haha good luck man you'll love it. and also let us know how it goes and how baked you are! :hello:
  11. Fill it with water... Fill it with ice.. Pack a bowl.. Smoke it.. Damn i'm good.
  12. haha i jsut felt like posting a how-to... i was so confused before my first bong hit- esepcially about when to pull out the bowl and when to suck in and shit.... so yeah
  13. Question: Do you place your lips around the bong, or inside it? Does it matter?
  14. I got high reading this.
  15. around the top
  16. well the bong openings are usually pretty big - just have your mouth slightly open and put your lips to the bong.. i'm guessing i'm putting it 'inside' the bong as you described. but i'm not like putting my lips in it, just placing my open mouth on the bong. but the bong should be around my lips. that's what i usually do. you can always check out some bong hits video on youtube.. that part won't really trip you up man. that's just a really basic step and after your first toke you'll know what i mean by 'make a airtight seal with your lips'. just put your lips on the top of the bong. Don't like eat the bong like a ho ho lmfao. good luck man.

    100th post yayayay :hello:
  17. #17 RVD420RVD, Aug 8, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Haha u got it expect it Thursday Thursday is gonna b damn good :)
  18. Don't put your lips around it like your suckin it off.
  19. yea and it makes that cool sound as it rockets down the little hole, i love that sound
  20. #20 Just Ordinary, Aug 9, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Hahahahah yes. It's like 'swoosh' an it's sucked in real fast haha i totally feel you.

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