how to use 250W HPS bulb without ballast

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by kemjika11, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    i just got my 250W hps bulb recently, and i had also ordered a 15 foot cord for it. i got the cord today, and the bulb fits nicely into it, but the plug is quite different. i think its supposed to be connected into a ballast. i didn't want to spend alot of money, and thats why i didn't get the ballast, but i am wondering how i could just connect my bulb into an outlet with a cord or something. in the meantime, i am stuck and don't know how to use my bulb without buying a ballast. i would really appreciate any input with regards to this type of bulb. would a hardware store have any cord that i could just use and connect directly to power? thanks .
  2. nope a ballest doesnt just put power in a light it changes the frequency of the power, its gives power in short bursts....
    so u need a ballest ;)
  3. A ballast is a must, There is no other way!
  4. It could be quite dangerous to try to run that bulb without a ballast.
  5. Do you think we use it for fun?:confused: For most the ballast is the most expensive compenent of the grow, if you can't afford one consider cfl's
  6. u should have used whatever money u wasted on the bulb to buy a decent CFL
    research, then spend money hopefully u learned something, good luck next time:wave:
  7. Wont he need a HPS at somepoint tho? Didnt think u could go all the way to harvest with CFLs :confused:
  8. No, you can go through an entire grow with only cfl's.
  9. The cfl's are a pretty good way to go and maybe you could get 70% back on your hps bulb on eBay. 250 watt setups are pretty comman, someone would buy it.
  10. from the reflector wer u plug the bulb in, a ps3 power lead would fit into tht & connect to the socket not sure if this wud work plz tell me as this is wat i planned on doing
  11. what? researching about something before you start spending $$ is good too.
  12. has some nice grow light systems for pretty cheap. you can get a 250 watt system which includes a bulb, reflector, ballast, and the cords for like 80 bucks.

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