How to upgrade my grow room for maximum yield

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by VCperry, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. The room is 6x4ft with 8ft ceilings.

    Budget: About $500-700

    I mostly just need a better grow light so i really want to know what kind i should get.

    Any suggestions for how to get max yield with this room? Its used for about half of the veg and all of the flower period.

    {I will be putting all laminate down soon instead of that carpet.}

    Any questions please ask!!!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Nobody knows anything i can do to improve it?

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  3. What do you have for ventilation? What light are you using? What kind of temps and humidity are you getting?

    Need to know everything you have first.

  4. Ventilation is shitty, i keep the door cracked during the day lol. I am devising a way to get intake and outtake up and running. Im using a 150HPS Hydro Planet. Im going to throw one of these in there too, just for a little cheap extra light.
    Mieemclux 1500W LED Grow Light with Reflector, Daisy Chained Design Full Spectrum LED Plant Growing Light with Triple-Chips for All Indoor Plants (Bloom & Veg Switch) White

    It gets up to 92 degrees sometimes and humidity about 40% unless i put a damp towel in there. Then i can get it to about 55

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  5. If you dont want to cut any holes for ventilation, what about just buying a tent or 2. Then the door can stay open, to avoid light leaks in flower.

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  6. first you need good ventilation this will reduce mold and fungus.if you plan on using hid system you will need ventilation for heat aswell. use led strips for supplementary lighting on walls to get your light penatration youll get lots of lights space with hid but not as much penetration. dont switch from 200w bulbs to 1000w in the same grow never worked out good i always got light stress. using led lights. get a good oscilating fan you wont have to worry to much about ventilation as heat is much lower but you still need to worry about airflow. it also promotes thicker stems. use cfl supplentary on walls.( bassically works like low stress straining.) keep led no further then 12" at seedling 6-8" during veg 2-4 during bloom. clfs 4-6 during seed 6 during veg 6 during bloom. use 6400k for veg 2700k for bloom.
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  7. this is my set up i have 1000w with draw at 85 w dual spec 70wts worth of clf's id say its worth the system cost to switch to led only thing to remember is no more replacing bulbs once led is gone time for a new light. but no having to run a/c or inline fans. good luck.

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  8. Hit up kingbrite on alibaba and get a couple 240w quantum boards
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  9. have you used led and quantum is it worth the gamble or should i stick with one or the other
  10. Search 'white led and blurple' here on grasscity. I might try that too for flowering instead of upgrading my blurples this round to see how well it works. Others say very well
  11. What medium are you growing them in?
  12. organic soil and vermiculite unsure higher in nitrogen
  13. i already seen it. thanks. i think ill just stick with my cfls and leds.
  14. Nice. I use promix hp with gaia green ewc and perlite. Use perlite instead of vermiculite. V holds water. Perlite better for oxygen and drainage
  15. Thats not much of an upgrade

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