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  1. Here's the deal:

    A few weeks ago, I went to a concert with a bunch of my friends and met a guy there. I wasn't entirely sober and gave him my number, and when he called me later to ask me out, I said yes. My memory of what he looked like was a little foggy, but he seemed chill enough and I thought why not? We went to dinner and saw a movie, and I like him, but I've now confirmed that I'm not attracted to him. He wants to go out again, and I'm down to hang out, but I definitely know that I don't want to date him.

    So, question to GCers, would it be better to call him and tell him over the phone, or meet up and tell him in person? I'm leaning towards calling him, but I was curious what people think is the least-harsh option.

    Thanks blades
  2. Talk to him in person it'll go much smoother and he will deff take it better. Good luck!

  3. this times a bajillion million
  4. Guess I will go against the grain here. 1 date, no big deal. Call me, tell me you're not interested, that way neither of us have to waste our time with a meet-up. :confused_2:
  5. Or if that doesn't work, three simple words; "I am gay"

  6. exactly...
  7. doesn't matter which way you tell him

    once he knows he doesn't have a chance to get in your pants he won't have anything to do with you anyway.
  8. Yeah exactly. Guys only want to get you naked, in doggie position and look at your anus while they fuck you frontal. Nothing else.

    Few are going to want your love and vice versa. I'm just an honest person, looking out for a bladette. Don't take it the wrong way.
  9. Uhm, I'm friends with many girls and have no interest to fuck them.
  10. No means no
  11. Tell him your lesbo or you will hurt his feeling no matter the reason. Telling a guy you want to be friends is like telling him he has a small dick or sucks in bed or is ugly and you just dont like him i he actually likes you, if hes just looking for a quick nut then he will most likely blow it off like he doesnt care or ignore you completely becuz he aint gettin no punani
  12. definitely don't go meet up in person.

    Don't assume guys are so sensitive. Me personally if we met up for dinner and you told me that I would drive home thinking

    "Why didn't this bitch send me that in a voice mail? I could've been playing Skyrim this whole time."

    If you aren't going to sleep with him, he probably is not interested in hanging out with you either. Thus he probably won't appreciate going somewhere and spending money only to find out its not going anywhere. That can be communicated in a text message without him having to get dressed, go out, and spend money to find out it was for nothing.

    Its not like you were dating for a year and you broke up via text message. Its after a first date. Perfectly acceptable.
  13. Just tell him straight up.. this is an exact text I sent a dude.

    Backstory: We met at the park across the street from my house. We ended up smoking and exchanging numbers. He was interested in getting together again but in a more "romantic" (his words) way, but I wasnt attracted. So this is how the conversation went...

    Me: "Yo, for real though I'm not trying to hook up. Im just letting you know. Im just trying to kick back and smoke"

    Him: "No worries just bring ur pipe yea?"

    It was pretty simple. You could probably say something along those lines and he'll most likely respect it.
  14. Just let him know what the deal is... If your not into him your not into him
  15. honest and direct conversation is always the best call, in any situation! so yeah, i'd just call him and explain your feelings openly and candidly. if he's a dick about it you didn't wanna see him again anyway, right? :p
  16. alright, thanks for the opinions. I'm going to text him tomorrow

  17. You seem confused. :p

  18. ok... ok... I meant more like just be honest with the dude so there's no wasting of time and effort. I'm stoned okay?!

  19. I disagree. I am a man and I want love... sex is secondary.
  20. godspeed, girl!

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