How to troll in real life?

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  1. How does one learn to troll people in real life?:smoke:
  2. watch all movies and shows by sacha baron cohen.

    he is master.
  3. Hide under a bridge and demand money from those who pass
  4. Like this

    [ame=]How Tom Green Orders A Sandwich - YouTube[/ame]
  5. [ame=]RL Trolling - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Have a kid at 16.
  7. if you have to ask then you cannot know
  8. Walk around and every time you take 15 steps leave a skittle so you can find your way home.

    You will make a lot of adults very confused, and a lot of children very happy
  9. P.s.

    If anyone asks what you're doing "my GPS broke"
  10. [ame=]Andy Kaufman wrestles a 327 pound woman - YouTube[/ame]
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    true story example:

    kid "lol what kinda shoes are those?"

    me: "boxing shoes man, i box" (throws a couple air jabs with serious face)

    i lied, and it worked. trolling in real life is so much better. I had these on.

  12. Give off a racist vibe than get extremely offended and repulsed when someone calls you out
  13. [quote name='"vergen"']


    Lol this is old ... But awesome
  14. [quote name='"vergen"']


  15. Andy Kaufman, RIP.

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