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How to treat women like crap

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by StankyDank206, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Many times I've heard that women like being treated like shit for some odd reason and I was just wondering how exactly should one go about doing it?
    If your talking to a girl do you like just be rude to her or what? anyone have any examples?
  2. Treating a girl like an asshole is only acceptable when you're drunk. Automatic lay
  3. If a guy is rude to me, I think he's a complete asshole and verbally abuse him until he gets the fuck away from me.

    Good luck with that technique though.
  4. Just act uninterested and play hard to get basically lol
  5. Your understanding is distorted. Nobody likes to be treated like shit.

    What women like is a strong man who's not afraid to take a stand, even when it's against something she wants. Women test men's limits constantly (because they can't trust guys, nor should they) and these tests are to see how far they can push the envelope with you. A lot of this happens on a subconscious level and they often don't even know they're testing you. Visualize both of you being sumo wrestlers in the ring. If she can push you out of the ring, then she will despise you and believe you're weak and not a man.

    Sometimes, when you guys clash and you stand strong, you will come off as a dick. You might say "Sorry but i can't see you today. I haven't seen my best bud in a while and i'd be a bad friend to just abandon him. I'll call you when i get back." You just showed that you value your friends and that you have boundaries that you won't compromise.

    She won't be happy and will bitch about the fact that you're not hanging out with her, but she will gain respect for you rather than seeing you as a weak, spineless, little boy. If she acts grown up about it later, reward her with affection. If she acts like a spoiled baby (and sooner or later, every girl will act out on occasion), you should withdraw your attention/affection/physical presence from her environment and go somewhere else and hang out with more mature people. You're not treating her like shit. You're just showing her what your values are and leaving it up to her to decide if she wants to stay or to go. You'd surprised at how quickly a woman can adjust to your "house rules" if you just show a little backbone. Most women would rather be with an asshole who's a MAN than be with a super nice but wimpy little pussy. (This is where you're getting that "treating women like crap" idea from)

    Generally, women have an instinctive need to be able to "look up to you" if you get my drift. It makes them feel safe and secure that they picked the right guy to let their guard down with. So it's not about treating people like shit. It's simply about showing her that you're a man. The house of love is built upon a foundation of respect. Without respect, whatever it is you're getting will only be a cheap imitation of love.

    There are however, ways to manipulate women by exploiting the insecurities they have such as fear of loss, fear of abandonment, jealousy, etc. Going down this path involves establishing a pattern of abusive behavior towards the woman in order to slowly destroy her psychologically. This is evil in one of its purest forms and this is how so many women become broken shells of what they once were, and therefore, i will not share this knowledge with you.

  6. Exactly! Not so much being an asshole as the trick is to be an asshole that has discovered that almost every female in the world is insecure as shit and takes control of the situation at hand whatever it be. Mind fucking is the best game to learn
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    Yep I do the same thing. If a guy is rude to me I smile the whole time I reciprocate his rudeness. Basically I just insult them until they realize how stupid they are and realize there's no chance and leave lol. A guy putting me down turns me into the queen bitch, I don't tolerate it for a second.
  8. The golden fuckin' rule son.... Treat others as you want to be treated!
  9. It's more along the lines of not pandering to them at all. Tease them a bit and ignore any stupid shit that they say. Ignore them for a while so they see that they're not the only thing you're focused on and they'll try their hardest to get the attention back on them.

    Jus act like you don't give a fuck but do it in a suave way
  10. golden rule works if your making friends

    but when your trying to hit it and quit it, theres an art to it.

    i havent learned it, but ive seen it done many a time.

    once you get the sex ball rolling, you can just keep knockin down pins one after another. its like women all tell each other ahead of time your coming. and they practically lay down for you. your ego gets pretty inflated but whatever. your gettin laid.
  11. That method may work on some girls but to me it just makes me want to punch the guy in the face and never talk to him again.

  12. its all about doing it the right way....

    everyone can get there buttons pushed
  13. I like arguing with guys, for me that's kind of a turn on but being treated like crap isn't cool with me. I dated a guy for a bit and he tried treating me like crap for a while I guess to get the upper hand, anyways I changed by number, ignored everything he sent me, and ignored him when he showed up at my apartment to apologize. Fuck that, I'd rather be alone than treated poorly.

    I have seen this work sadly enough on a family member who was really insecure and lacked confidence. Thankfully she finally got over it and left that idiot. Guess it depends on the kind of girl your after.
  14. See look at all the girls in here where the nice guy technique would work way better even if it is just to hit it and quit it.

    A real poon hound can read a woman like a book, cover to cover, and then get under the covers.
  15. Some men, aren't capable of catching anything but an easy target.. women who put up with abuse, are easy targets. Those men who capitalize on that, are tame little pansies, who really can't handle anything more challenging.

    That's not very 'sporting' if dating is just a game to you, and it's certainly not going to get you anywhere so far as a relationship goes. It's an a-hole trait; and a-holes generally die distraught, and very alone... even when they're married.

    If you want easy girls there are ways of going about that, without learning incredibly bad habits that will hinder every single other aspect of your life including your relationship with your friends and family, along the way.
  16. I don't know where this idea came from, or how it got popularized, but its not a good one.

    Girls don't like guys that placate to them, but being mean to them is a different story.

  17. People need to realize this asap. These threads just keep piling up
  18. I'll bet you an ounce that these types of threads will exist till the day we die and long after that. Since we'll be dead when the bet it decided, you can pay up in the afterlife. ;)
  19. I called this girl a dumb bitch at least 20 times before, and while we were having sex. She just kept saying shut up? I don't know if she liked it or not, but I do know I got my dick sucked by a girl who I repeatedly called a dumb bitch. :confused:

    :laughing: really though... Some people can get hardwired to embrace negative emotions just as easily as some people can get hardwired to embrace positive emotions.

    Negativity and Positivity are not magical forces. Negativity has its purpose in life just as much as Positivity, and in such an advanced society as ours the signals can and do get crossed, and some people seek abusive/mean people for relationships. If you think otherwise then I know some people you should meet.

    It happens, but that doesn't mean its okay to blatantly be a cunt to somebody to get some cunt.

    Cunts and Dicks don't get Cunts and Dicks they get assholes and hands.
  20. i call girls sluts n whores during foreplay, but i like my women kinky

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