how to transplant a 6ft plant ?

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  1. so as the title says my plant is 6 feet tall and i HAVE to transplant it tommrow dont ask me why i just do.. now it rained earlier on today and its supppost to be sunny tommrow but im just wondering if someone can give me a quick tutorial on how to transplant such a large plant?

    and also since it rained today will it be hard to get it out of the container without damaging it i also have someone else to help me with all this

    please reply to this lol
  2. I think the roots will either catch or not after transplant and sounds like your robbing someone
  3. LOL im not robbing anyone .. its my plant, its in a 10 gallon pot now its just im leaving for vacation in 2 days and going for 2 weeks so i have to transplant it ASAP so it doesant need water as frequentley..

    i would NEVER EVER rob someones ganga plant i would feel so bad about myself taking someones hard work...

    and im going to go in a circle with my hands to try and loosen it up and also use a butter knife... ill try to detach it from the pot before i even take it out of it
  4. Teamwork. You have one person hold the container, and one person hold the plant firmly by the stem. One hand near the middle of the plant and one hand at the base of the stem. The person holding the container gently slides it off. It might help to give the sides a few good whacks and push the root ball up with your fingers through the drainage holes. Once the container is off, support the rootball with both hands and ease the plant into the hole. You can also cut the container off if you don't care about it. That makes it a lot easier because you can just put the plant in the hole and then cut it out.
  5. thanks so much man... i think im just gona cut the container seems waaay easier... its new containers is a rubbermaid so im just gonna make a hole in the new container than place the plant in cut the container with scicors and slide it of i guess seems easy now

    and also can i use full stregth nutes as soon as i transplant

    ive been going to 755 ppm and thats what i was planning on watering with right after transplant or should i just use water?
  6. well the transplant went very smoothly... we placed the new container right beside the plant cut down the container on 2 sides i spread the container out while my freind grabbed the rootball after that we both gently put it into the new container filled the rest with soil and hit the sides to make sure theres no air pockets.. than watered alot and put more soil in to cover up the rootball completley than more water and than more soil lol.. i really tried to get the soil down as fas as possible to make sure there were no airpockets but thanks alot for the idea about cutting the container that helped alot
  7. Glad to hear it went well for you. :)
  8. Just sayin.. U dont really need to transplant it if u leave for 2weeks.. Give a good watering before u leave.. And give Nother one when ure back
  9. pics of this six foot beauty?
  10. Yeah, lets see come pics.
  11. I think it depends on where you live and how humid it is where you live. Where I am it's hot and dry. My plants need watered every 3 days. They can go a week, but I wouldn't want to push it more than that. A large plant in a 10 gallon can suck up the water pretty quickly. I had to water every day when I used to use 5 gallon buckets. I don't think it was a bad decision to transplant anyway. A plant that large can use the extra root space.
  12. If its 6ft tall then its proly getting ready to start pre-flowering..if you transplant it you could risk shocking it and losing weeks of growing or even budding :(....if I were you id water it really good and then get a couple of those aqua globe things to automatically water it while your gone. Good luck!
  13. It's ok to transplant up until a little before flowering. It won't cause weeks of shock, maybe a couple days if you mess up. But he already transplanted with zero problems and he's probably on his vacation by now. Hope you're having a great time and you come back to a happy plant OP.

  14. I just transplanted my 4 Ft plant on Wednesday, and its doing ok so far. A little droopy because I gave her a good soaking after the transplant, but she seems ok so far. All she was showing was numerous pistols, very pre-flower, so I think he's ok to transplant as well.
  15. sorry guys been enjoying no tv, computer or anything for the post 14 days only 2 more days till i get home,,, btw my plant had preflowers all over when i transplanted i also lstd all the branches and when i went to water the next day alll the branches were pointing back up so i dont think it god shocked at all also the fact that the transplant took all of 2-3 min cuz i heard the longer the rootballs out the more stress...

    will update in 2 days when i get home to see how shes doin... as soon as i get home im gonna hit her with some transition nutes at about 900 ppm...

    oh and im not sure how to post pics and i dont really feel safe posting any sorry guys maybe ill get my freind to post them on his acount ( hey ya i think ill do that)
  16. well guys i just got home, when i left my plant was in full veg now it is in full flower... about 10-15 leaves had yellowed and some died i took those off. i just used full bloom nutes...

    im almost postive that the reason the leaves yellowed is because it didnt have nutes for that 1 extra week but just to make sure give me your ideas... if the yellowing increases ill have to do something about it but it looked like a nitrogen def from the extra long time without nutes

    i think all is well though

    she grew over a foot in 16 days im impreseed
  17. yellowing is common with nitrogen deficiencies... you're probably okay if you keep it fed now

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