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how to transfer plants to another pot?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by JJOOKKEERR, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. i got 15 plants in one pot, there still babys the biggest one is 3cm, and there getting kinda big. i need to transfer them to another pot. I dont want to kill them and screw them up. I just want to take some out not all and put them into other pots. How would i do it safely?
  2. build a time machine and go back in time and plant in solo cups lol

    the best way would be to take a spade and dig a big circle around each seedling. .
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  4. get the rootball out the pot
    break the soil slowly to not damage the roots so they get seperated from each other
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  6. WHY?!?! Would you plant 15 seed in ONE POT!?!?! My first grow and ive been growing for 4 days. and LOGIC AND COMMON SENSE tells me thats abit toooo much :confused:

    Your gunna be screwed if they have all rooted nicely like they should cause youll have abit of a puzzle following each root to make sure there not tangled with others.

    Good luck!
  7. I had two in one pot and transplanting once the roots have taken has proved to be close to impossible without harming or stressing the plant/plants. I am new around here and prob not the best person to give advice, but i had to make a judgment call, I decided that one beautiful healthy plant is better than two crowded ones, and the smaller of the two was moved at great expense to the plants health and stress level...

    The victim of my mistake, the smaller of the two is still alive! but if the move didn't stress it enough to turn it male i would be very surprised..

    I will be VERY carefull when planting from now on not to ever let one seed ever go astray, simply put, its a waste. And a mistake you need only make once..

    good luck and get um separated now, every second that i wasted in moving has only made it worse for the plant being moved.... And if you do find that time machine lemmi know i could use to borrow it...


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