How to transfer a few seeds on the airplane?

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  1. Hey guys,
    I'm in Europe and there is some great stores of cannabis here, they got some good options of seeds and i want to buy some.
    The first tip that i get is to put it out of the beg. No box no beg only the seeds.
    Where will be the best place to put it?
    Check in bag? Carry on bag? Maybe on me?
    I will be happy for some good tips
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  2. In your pocket like I did
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  3. You think it's the best way?
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  4. Old school way, up your ass man.
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  5. In the stitching of you boxers or shorts or pants I would think, but spread them out. Not a frequent flyer though I know it works in almost all other instances for very small items (jail, searches, etc.)
  6. Yea they are odorless and also as long as you say they are for scientific research purposes and not cultivation your good.
  7. Done it dozens off times lol, in jail all the time
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  8. It’s not illegal to have them for novelty. Just can’t pop them.
    I had a bunch :love-mj2:
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  9. Arrive home safe ☺️

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  10. ive thought about adding them to a bag of mixed nuts or inside some coffee grounds.
  11. Just chuck them in your suitcase and forget about them, I do it with bud all the time when I go skiing, more likely they will find something in your hand luggage or on you then in your case
  12. Seeds have no smell for dog detection and will not show up on X-ray. So you can put almost anywhere!
  13. Hey folx thanks for you great answers.
    At the end i put all the seeds in the check in suitcase with the cover i don't open anyone and it's arrive home safe
    Total of 22 seeds :)
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