How to train a fast growing sativa?

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  1. Any advice on how to train a fast growing Sour Diesel plant? The vertical growth on this thing is amazing me on how quick its shot up. I alreay tried to lst it, but that only seemed to work well on my white widows and not this sativa. I alredy topped it some and it did start new growth, but the new shoots seem to go up and out. Im getting ready to put it into flower after almost 30 days. Any suggestions? Don't want it to get to big and shadow my other plants in flower. Height wouldn't be much of a problem if my canopy was more even. Thanks
  2. I would fim it repeatedly :D
  3. You think it will be ok since I'm flipping it to 12/12 soon? Don't want to stress it out but man it's 2 feet tall already
  4. Well looks like I have no choice but to wait a few weeks anyway to make the switch since I just transplanted. I guess it needs time to establish new roots
  5. I grow in close quarters and I just fim whenever height becomes an issue. I fim up to about 2nd week of flower if works out pretty good for me.
  6. cool thanks bro I like the user name:wave:
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    Bongsauce is right, just dont fim before the 3rd node. I grew a white widow with a 6 Cola LST. Here are some pix, let me know if you want them taken down.

    But this was fimmed at the 4th node during veg i began training.

    This shows the main stems that grew off where I fimmed. 1-6

    This was how it was pinned during veg

    This is what happened to it during flower.

    Once it got taller I added a screen. Hope these pix help
  8. Sorry, Dont mean to double posts. But check this NYPD grow out at harvest

  9. Hi Drew, Just keep tying that sucker down. You already topped so more topping will just stress her. The plants in my sig were never topped only tied, check it out bro. :D

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