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How To Toke In Your Room With Parents And Not Get Caught Guide!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by irock1336, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. ok i know this tread has been done a million times before but i just thought id share my method because it has been working for me for about a year now. lets face it many of us still live with parents and need to know how not to get caught. so here it goes...

    Stuff You Need: A pipe or a bong (can be homemade BUT NO JOINTS OR BLUNTS), a towel, a window, a sploof, a quarter, either a ceiling fan or a portable one, and febreeze, oust, ozium, etc. some type of odor ELIMINATING spray not axe or colonge because those do nothing to cover the smell and just raise suspicion.

    1.Wait untill you've already said goodnight to your rents and they are in bed. Wait 15-20 min. untill you are sure they are asleep. And be as quiet as possible doing the following steps.

    2.Close or cover any air vents in your room (to keep smell from traveling to other rooms) then shut and lock your door (if you can lock it) then cover up the bottom with the towel if you are using a ceiling fan turn it on high if your using a regular fan point it towards the window and turn on high.

    3. Open your window if you can slide or remove your screen then put it back easily that would be best. If you cannot (like me) sit as close as possible to the screen.

    4. Pack just enough weed for one hit, then (if your screen is off) lean out the window or if not put your pipe right up to the screen take your hit then put out or cover the cherry with your lighter or a quarter.

    5. Exhale through the sploof and out the window (leaning out if possible)

    6. Keep doing this procedure untill you feel you've smoked enough. Then stash your shit. Give the room a light spray down (not to much as not to raise suspicion) and leave the window open for 20-30 min. to air out. After that close your window and chill for a while or go to bed.

    Note: For those of you who dont know what a sploof is it is a device you exhale smoke through to assist in covering the smell. To make one you take a water bottle, poke a bunch of small holes in the bottom with a thumbtack or a heated needle or paperclip, then stuff with 5 or 6 dryer sheets replacing them about once a month when the get brown and dirty. To use simply exhale through the top where you put your mouth and blow through.

    Tip: I usually keep the tv or some music on to cover the sounds associated with smoking. Also try not to cough if at all possible if you really need to do it into a pillow. Also NEVER use joints or blunts as the constantly burn and let off more smell, use pipes or bongs only!!

  2. The real ways to toke without your parents knowing:

    • Go outside
    • Smoke at a friends house
    • Live away from home
  3. this is EXACTLY my procedure ive done for like the 3 years i lived with my parents and smoked.

    good guide.
  4. not everybody can or wants to go outside espicially in bad weather or when its real late at night.
  5. Ive just have to add karmas a bitch if your parents dont appreciate you smoking .... Karma will get you trust me. Everytime when I was younger when I was lazy and didnt want to go outside I would pack a one hit bowl ..... and somehow they would come home at 3 pm and random times after many busts .... even when I was vaping I decided to pack up my vape and save it till I move out and I always smoke outside now. Funny thing is they dont mind me smoking outside lol so I go on my deck now.
  6. Cool, but all you really need is to open the window and smoke lol, smell will be gone by the morning for sure...
  7. well i havnt been caught using this method and ive been doing it for a year and a half now almost every week. maybe you just have bad luck or arnt doing it right.
  8. ya but its still good to take precaution better off safe than sorry.
  9. My window makes so much fucking noise!
  10. Dude we live in the same county I'm in boca
  11. open it slowly and like i said leave the tv on or some music to help cover the sound. or you could try opening it before you go to bed and just say i want some fresh air or something
  12. oh cool i live in jupiter
  13. Haha I can't believe some people can do this every time they smoke! Sure, I did it the first couple weeks i had smoked daily but it always made me so paranoid. I got caught once when I was in the bathroom and my dad noticed the towel under the door and didn't smoke for like 2 months after that. Sometimes being too careful can seem sketchy. My real advice is to buy a magic flight launch box if you have the money. I've literally walked down the sidewalk on vacation vaping behind the people in front of me! In a room, there is close to no smell and if there is, it's gone in 2 minutes. Honestly the best purchase I've ever made.
  14. haha yea i use this pretty much and like 10 seconds ago :smoking: cept i think i do it a little more relaxed while sitting in a chair smoking bong blow into fan facing window burn candles and everythings good :cool:
  15. this is true.. but my method sounds like alot more work then it really is only takes me about min. to smoke then i just chill and leave the window open and shut it before i go 2 bed
  16. I never sploof or open my window and it never smells by morning, i turn my fan on sometimes, I've had friends come over and into my room less then an hour after I smoke and they don't notice a thing. I remember back in the days I used a tube, I put it through my window outside with a bunch of drier sheets in it, haha but sometimes being to careful will get you caught because when your high you tend to forget things. a few times ive left a bowl or bag of weed out in the opening lucky they never look in my bed.
  17. again true but i just dont like to take chances ive done it other places like friends house doing wat u did but at my place my rents know alot about pot and theryre good at catching me (been caught before) so i use these precautions to help.
  18. Some day try to grease it or something. If you don't have wd40 you could use oil or possibly even wax..
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    Man you didn't even mention how to get the parents into the room before hand.

    You know what, just go and get a ton of hamster tubes for cages, then make a tube running out your window, along the side of your house, down the side, into the ground, under ground into the neighbors yard and into their basement window.

    That would be cool. Yeah.

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