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How To Text A Dealer For The First Time?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nleroux, Jun 4, 2013.

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    I have never bought weed before but i got the number a friends dealer, my dad has also called this guy before. so how should i text the guy? should i just say something like? hey im (my name), im so and so's son, ive heard you can help me out. is something like that ok? please help.

  2. lol yea, its not like its a girl you about to go on a date with..
  3. Use your friend as the reference not your dad. I'd call as well. Alternatively, you could go with your friend and ask if it's okay for you to hit him up.
  4. what you said would be fine.  it's just like texting any other person.  just be sure to clarify who you are so they're not like "who the fuck is this"
    also, avoid using drug related terms when you first text the dealer, some really dont like that shit.
  5. "Yo I got your number off *****, any chance I could get some?"
  6. if you got the number FROM the dealer, you should've given him your's as well, that way when you text he already knows who you are and whats up.
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    Text him and say "yo G you got dat chron chron"? lol 
    nah just be like "Yo i got you number from ____ he said it would be cool if I hit you up, you good"? Something along those lones.
  8. Just send a text thats says hey this is {insert name here} i got your number from {insert name here}. Are you on deck. {<--- can be replaced with w/e slang the dealers use these days}
  9. "Hey dawg, I heard you got that dank dawg, so I'm bringing cash plus my whole crew to your house in ten minutes, dawg."
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    Say dawg........ one more time......
  11. Just call him

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  12. I would call I know a lot of dealers who don't like text at all.
  13. Don't text him. Call him and tell him where you got his number from. 

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