How to test your if your parents are okay with MJ...

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  1. I have been smokeing for about 8 months now. I'm 17 and becoming a senior in highschool. My dad is okay with me drinking every once and a while as long as I dont drive and I stay safe and use condoms. Lately my dad has been asking me if I smoke pot. He saw a picture in my phone of some PVC pipeing and asked if it had anything to do with a bong (it didnt) and when I said I thought all bongs were glass (playing dumb) he said they I must not of seen to many bongs. One time I had left a roach in my car and in very plain site and my parents went into my car (no possible way they didnt see this big ass roach of some dank smelling bud). I have been ocnsidering going on a one or two month long T break at the start of school in 9 months and I was think about saying something about it then so if they get mad and piss test me everything is fine.

    How did you guys test your parents ?
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    That's cool!!!
  3. I don't know.. But check your age :X.

    I would just say make it more obvious than you do and see if they say anything. If they do tell them its better than drinking. Make sure you keep your grades up, and show them that you're being mature about everything. Let them know you're not gonna change but that it's you're life and you will be responsible about all of the decisions you make.
  4. Whats with the age hate ? Most people try pot at like 16, and alot of people on these forums are still teens.
  5. *Sigh*

    The rules say you need to be 18 years of age before joining these forums.

    Sorry dude. Come back in a year.
  6. It's not age hate, it's the site policy.
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