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how to tell your parents you smoke herb

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bakedinmycloset, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. hey i need help on how to tell my parents i smoke weed im sick of doing it behind their back and just want to come clean so how do i do this in the best possible way. thank you for your suggestions.
  2. Blow and O in their faces.
  3. Depending on how old you are and how your parents are, don't. Unless you can afford the consequences that will ensue.
  4. You have 2 choices either words or actions. Cant quite remember which is louder.
  5. Light a joint up in front of them:smoke:.. I think they'll get the message. :D
  6. dont do it.. i did too my mom by just admitting to it when we were talking... now i have to lie to both of them and say i stopped.. not good bro. definate;y better feeling guilty and smoking than knowing your both lying and smoking...
  7. I suggest you don't. They'll more than likely think you're asking for help in some weird subconscious state and admitting your a drug addict.
  8. well when i was a freshman and searching through my parents stuff for bud money i came across my dad HS yearbook and it said keep hittin it stoner and other stuff like that to make me think hes a stoner
  9. You've gotta know how they feel about it. I'm assuming you have open lines of communication if you're worried about this... So ask what they think of it, make it clear that you support it, and they'll probably either assume or ask if you do it yourself. I wouldn't do it bluntly (pun intended.)

  10. thanks for the advice
  11. Stealing isn't cool, man.

    Think very seriously about whether you want to do this. I mean, think about it for a few days before you decide. I know the feeling of guilt you're talking about...I've thought of telling my parents and rejected the idea a few times.

  12. im sorry im not an angel but i got desperate plus i didnt find money but thats not the point and i mean the guilt is like ripping me to shreads i feel so bad sometimes i debate breaking all my smoking stuff
  13. I told my mom while I was driving her to walmart and Im 19. I just said "mom I dont like cigs but im a rec stoner and its the only drug Ive ever done and liked" she almost didnt believe it because she never suspected. My dad doesnt care he just laughs when I come home and Im blown its like he can tell every fucking time its funny. Just be real and intelligent when you tell them so they get the vibe that youre mature enough to smoke weed.

  14. Sorry...didn't mean to come off like a dick.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't tell them...just think about it and be sure before you do. Be ready to answer their questions (why do you smoke, etc). Be respectful of their opinions, but bring facts to the discussion (some blades suggest watching a movie with your parents like The Union to help provide evidence). Keep your grades up and be a responsible young adult, and they'll see that you're not going in the 'wrong direction.' :wave:
  15. start trying to notice the little details most people would never notice. you'll be surprised what you learn about the people around you

  16. its chill bro i know but i would feel dam better becuase have u ever had a friend or brother/sister catch you and it kinda ruins ur high

  17. :D hahahhahaa
  18. Spark your joint, walk up to them, and say "Niggha, I smoke good eryday'".

    Nah, playing. You should reel them into it. Show them a documentary about weed, telling them about the real facts and positives if they disapprove. If they don't mind, then shit, just tell them.

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