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How to tell your parents you smoke Cannabis.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LonelyPlanetBoy, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. I always hear about people wondering just how they're going to tell their parents that they smoke Cannabis. Well I'm sick of hearing it so I'll just post this thread for constant reference.

    How to tell your parents you smoke Cannabis.

    Prepare yourself!

    The best offense is a good defense in this case. In telling them, you are basically starting an argument that you cannot win if you're uninformed. Therefore it is time you brush up on general Cannabis information, some good sites for related information include:

    If you heed the information at your disposal you will appear to your parents to be smart enough to initially have researched Cannabis before use. However, do not use information from biased sites when informing your parents. The sites above, while some are Cannabis oriented, are honest and informative, the sites that say things such as: "Cannabis cures cancer!", "Cannabis has absolutely no side effects" or "Cannabis improves your life", however, are completely biased and are crackpot theories! There has not been enough serious research to know whether or not Cannabis has a proactive effect on humans etc.! Be informed!!!

    Telling your parents!

    Okay, to many, such a thing is daunting, unimaginable and stupid but by hiding your Cannabis use, you are simply perpetuating the myth that Cannabis use is something we should be ashamed of. Honesty is the best thing in such a situation and you will be relieved and happy after you have told them.

    When your parents are most relaxed, ask them if you can talk to them for a minute, if they say no don't push it because that means they won't receive what you are saying as well. They could be irritated after work, they could be tired after a long day, either way leave it until they're ready to talk.

    Now, when it is a good time, your approach should not be the "Militant Cannabis advocate". Something like this won't do anyone any good:

    "Mom, Dad, I smoke weed all the fucking time and if you don't agree with me you're wrong! You're just a by-product of 1960's Government propaganda and you don't know anything! Read a fucking book because then you might understand pot a lot better, assholes!!!"

    If you do this you deserve to get slapped hard, cut off and kicked out! A good approach however, is something a long the lines of:

    "Mom, Dad, I just wanted to let you know that I smoke Cannabis. I'm telling you because it isn't something I'm ashamed of and I don't think I should feel the need to hide it from you as I have been doing."

    This is a good start and where the conversation goes from here is based on your parents reaction. Keep calm and collected throughout the entire process though, because if it escalates to any kind of yelling on your part you're going to screw everything up. Regardless of how much they yell at you, all your responses will be calm, collected and informed!

    Also, it should be mentioned that if you don't have a job, you don't go to school or you have terrible grades and you're still at home you should work on some of that first. It will be good seeing all A's and B's on your report card, showing your parents how it doesn't affect your education whatsoever.

    (But on a personal note, if you aren't trying to get a job or have shitty grades or dropped out of school, you shouldn't even be smoking, asshole. Work harder and stop perpetuating another myth that Cannabis users are moochers, idiots and lazy as hell!)


    Hopefully it is well received by your parents, offer them unbiased books on Cannabis and Cannabis use even if they said they were cool with it. Just don't think this is a green light to have all your friends over to smoke weed, that's an asshole move. If your parents don't take it well and threaten to cut you off and do other things to you if you don't stop smoking, chances are you're under 18 and shouldn't even be on this site! If you are under 18 you have no right to be smoking anything in your parents house or at your friends house, you shouldn't need to tell them as you shouldn't be doing it in the first place!

    Cannabis use isn't something to be ashamed of and no one should be ashamed of anything they do, so take the leap and tell the people you're most afraid to tell.

    I hope I've been of some help to you and if you have any questions or think there is something I should add don't hesitate to contact me and let me know. Good luck!

    -Lonely Planet Boy
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  2. Very good. Im a senior in high school and my parents already know. Rephrased: they know i USED to smoke. they dont know i do now :\ i should probably tell them at some point but its hard to go back to them after its been gone over in the past.
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^+rep btw
  4. Nice thread.
    Not useful to me however, my mom found out I smoke by smelling it and then she bitched at me for smoking in the house, my dad found out I smoke by passing me a bowl and asking if I want a hit. :D
  5. or just sit down with the rents and watch The Union together

  6. Awesome guide! When I told my dad he was very nice about it. He told me it was my choice and he respected that and just asked that I stay aware of the risks and careful.

    Then he handed me another beer and told me I could smoke a spliff if I liked :D
  7. well mine found out when i went to the county for it so thanks columbus p.d. for helpin me wit that hard talk
  8. I had this talk with my parents last night and let me tell you things got pretty heated, as they are the type that were spoon fed that 1960's propaganda and make it known they don't want any drug use in their home. Well i admitted to doing it, after they found my bong, pipe, basically everything but weed, when i went to a Slightly Stoopid concert (go figure). I basically went over how it hasn't affected me in any negative ways for the last 4 years of my life, and that i have been smoking since sophmore year of high school. They said it would make me flunk out of college, but i have the high school transcripts to prove there is no correlation between smoking and failing ( i had a 4.6 gpa junior year and was in the running for valedictorian). So just make sure you have some good counter arguments ready that they can relate to and you have evidence of and i can guarantee you it will go alright at the least.
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  9. does anybody really talk to their parents like that? That scenario sounds so weird to me haha

    just let them find out if you dont care about them knowing why go out your way...

  10. LOL:laughing:

    I got my parents to watch The Union. Apparently they thought it was biased. But it's extremely hard to find resources in this topic that aren't biased. However, they were telling me how they have tried it and my dad said something along the lines of: after smoking some I didn't feel like myself for a long time, like weeks.
    The whole time I was thinking to myself "what the hell were they smoking"?? My dad thinks he knows shit about drugs (like prescriptions and shit) and how they affect people but he really doesn't. My mom's account seemed more accurate but it was as if she didn't smoke it. Like it was a bad time that was dumb. But she did think that the penalties are too high and it should be relaxed. Being Australian she thinks the drinking age is ridiculous. However that was their biggest objection to it, how getting caught could mean bad things.
  11. just told my parents last night too. i have known that they both smoke for about a year but have never confronted them about it. we talked, ended up with me showing them my kit and da buddha and my mom using it. they just said they dont want me letting it affect my life and not to do it more and more now since they now. the only one who is mad is my sister since shes the only one in the family who doesnt smoke now.
  12. I've always thought about telling my parents. I go to college and live at home, started a good 3 years ago and haven't ever told them or been caught in the process.

    I don't like it. It's like I have to hide one of my favorite hobbies, but I know if I told them they'd flip a shit. My Dad always told me many times when I was a kid that drugs will ruin your life, and I think he still does try to tell me that from time to time.

    I guess they'll never know, I wanna tell them but them being ignorant to the fact that I do it is probably better for me. If I told them you never know what could happen, could get kicked out :confused:
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  13. So i finally moved out of my parents house and into college. I've been burnin for about 4 years now and decided its about time to tell the rents.

    I never found proof but im sure my dad smokes. For starts, he grew up in England, and tells me numreous stories of times he was in Amsterdam. Theres two thing to do in is hang out with hookers...and the other is smoke weed.

    So little do i know but after telling him I had been smoking, he looks at me and says, "I know...who do you think stole your bubbler, grinder, and fat sac of bud.. (I had two of the biggest nugs...ever) So my dad stole my pot....FML.

    So later on Mom finally goes outa town and my dad and i continue to blaze.
    Life is great
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  14. i sure as hell dont.

    when my parents found out i smoked weed, it really didnt bother them. some parent are just stuck up i guess.

  15. yeah my mum freaked out when she found out because she has never done any drugs or anything bad in her way i could ever get her to be cool about it.

    dad of course has done like everything so he is pretty chill.
  16. I had mild withdrawal on the way to Vegas in July and that was when it came out. There was a look of disappointment, but then again we had been driving for about 30 hours straight so it was also a look of "I'M FUCKING TIRED, SON" – or something like that.

    So things really got 'heated' when I came back from college. Mom had known I smoked and didn't care. I did it around her. She abuses ambien to get drunk off her ass so there was a mutual drug user tolerance thing going on. It was dad. I felt like shit one day and just went out back and smoked up with them in the garage... dad knew what I was doing but this was the first time he had direct confirmation. He didn't say anything. On the way back from my uncle's house was when it got the most heated ever... I was like 'dude, you must have known what I was doing out back...' and he basically said to stop and further explained that mom is the only one who saved my ass.

    Since then he picked me up from a friend's house and I smelled of weed. I know he smelled it... because he was next to me in the front seat of the car while my sister and her husband as well as my 13 year old nephew all sat in back. I knoew HE smelled it because THEY smelled it.

    And that was this past weekend. Since THEN we had a very candid talk on the subject. Just sharing experiences and such. He was young once as well and did smoke on occasion, but his fundamentalist Christian leanings make him against it.

    All in all they've taken it better than I thought. Like since they found out they were 'mad' approximately 1/100 the time they were when I first proclaimed I no longer believed in god.

    Now that I think about it, I must be one hell of a disappointing son. And I'm also failing college remedial math... which isn't too good. On the other hand, that's not the weed's fault. That's the chronic pain and nausea – which was my reason for smoking in the first place.
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  17. this is my exactt situation as well..sortaa..
    my aunt told on me in my freshman year(freshmen in college now) and the parents grounded me for a month *but only because my dad asked me like a weeek prior if i smoked and i they said they knew i was going to try it but i was getting in trouble for lying..

    that may sound like they are okay with it but i think it was one of those "every kid is gonna try it" type deals. but yeah, a lil rundown..they are very church going(mainly my mom) but yet my dad used to when he was a kid and he's actually pretty laid back and easy going about when i go out and such, so im planning on telling him this week sometime. just because it's been too long of hiding and i feel that if i tell, it'd be farrr better than if i got caught.

    -here's my plan; (feel free to critique)
    mother is out of town the whole weekend so on the night's he's usually watchin golf and such, so i plan on going down one of the days and just talkin to him about my weekend plans and perhaps bringin this girl over to spend the night (haha it's like i remind him of his youthful days when i tell him about this kind of stuff, cuz he's always telling stories of "bangin chicks" lol)
    so once that goes for a bit, ill then just say something like "so hey i wanted to talk to you about something in perticular".. "i smoke cannabis(not sure if he knows the term, so i might say marijuana)".. then depending on his reaction, i'll continue to tell him that i dont drink, or smoke cigarettes(which i dont) and this is just a way for me to kick back and have a good time. and that i am responsible about it and pretty much spitball it from there ha.

    what do you guys thiink??
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  18. When i was 15 *19 now* my mom came in my room while i was sleeping and asked me if i smoke marijuana i was tired of hiding it and said i do.

    We smoke all the time together now she is actually really chill. who knew :rolleyes:
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  19. nice thread, i assumed just most parents find out, and they either like it or not, never thought of actually telling my parents i smoked it, just generally found out
  20. Good post. Those links are very interesting. But yea, my parents know that i smoke and they think that i do not anymore. My mother is suspicious of me though lol.

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