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How to tell your friends you smoke weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by anniehall, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. wanna toke? ;) friends=bestfriends
  2. You already know the answer to this lol. If you have to ask then don't tell them. But if they find out, do not deny your love for Mary.
  3. I say come out and tell them and if they hate you for it then fuck them they're obviously too judgmental
  4. Here's some good advice, and it's how I let my more straight-edge friends know, even if they have a negative opinion on cannabis:

    Wait until the next time someone brings it up, and if they're talking badly about it just say something like "I enjoy it, in fact I've been smoking weed since before I met you guys. This is what a smoker looks like, Do you think I'm a bad person now?" That's pretty much what I said and they were a bit surprised to say the least but there really isn't anything they can tell you if they never suspected it, it just goes to show that it doesn't have a negative influence. If they like you for who you are then they won't care. If they start talking shit, or act concerned for you because of your choices, they aren't very good friends. I tend to stay away form the judgmental types, they're bad for your health.
  5. Anyone who can't accept you for who you are just isn't worth it. If you tell them and they freak out, find some new friends that can actually deal with it.
  6. **Puff, puff**
    "Hey man, wanna hit this?"
  7. [quote name='"bp4er"']**Puff, puff**
    "Hey man, wanna hit this?"

    Haha that is the best way to tell them :)
  8. I don't tell them outright. If the context comes up and someone asks, I will not really lie to them. Most people I know are already aware that I smoke weed and they don't think of me as a lesser person for it. If they do, those are not the type of people that are conducive to progression in life. Cut them off accordingly.
  9. Dont force the issue but if it comes up and they ask or something just dont deny it, smoking bud shouldnt be a big deal

  10. Sorry if this sounds contrary to my first question, but I'm not positive that they'd think of me as a lesser person. All the people they know who smoke already turn them off for a variety of other reasons, and pot only adds to the list. If I tell them they'd probably be smart enough to know that I'm still the same person they've always known. I've smoked since I met them and that was three years ago.
  11. I think that, soon, you'll realise that the people you are hanging around with right now
    aren't actually your "friends" and you'll probably become bro's with the two stoners.
    That's how it went for me anyway ;)

    The fact that they wouldn't "approve" with you smoking weed is pathetic, that's not a
    friend, fuck them. I had to deal with the same shit man! :)

    Good Luck
  12. I've lost lifelong friends because of it.
  13. Your friends are just probably still brainwashed from all the government propaganda shoved down their throats when they were growing up about how bad marijuana is for you. (Can't blame them, we were all like that at some point)

    Just be up front with them and tell them. If they react badly, suggest that they do their own research before pointing fingers or making false accusations about it. Maybe even tell them to watch The Union.

    If they don't, it just shows how close-minded they are.
  14. Don't tell them if you don't want things to change between you guys. Once you tell them, everything will change. They may not even want to hang out anymore. I'd bet anything that is what will happen, especially if they already put off negative vibes towards it.
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    I wouldn't say anything. I assume you have good grades since you said you were an overachiever and probably a job since you smoke/buy. Let them find out from someone else and tell them then. If they give you shit tell them you've been doing it for years, have straight As, a job, and probably going to college. Ask them what they have against weed since you've done so good for the last X amount of years.

    EDIT: My neighbor has been my friend for around 8-10 years. I told him I smoke a couple years ago. He was against it but I convinced him to smoke. He smoked a blunt and a bong, maybe a joint or two with some of his other friends he said. He just didn't like it. He had heard all the bad things about it but gave it a chance anyway. It just wasn't for him. He doesn't hate me because of it though. Whenever we hung out he would chill with me while I was toking and was generally cool about it, as long as it wasn't an hour sesh lol. Point of my post though is that if they are real friends they will continue to hang out with you.
  16. "Ive been feelin funny the past 45 mins or so.."

    "Well thats not cool, Are you sick??"

    "Oh no, Its plenty cool, Im high as shit, You should try it."
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    As of now, none of my close friends smoke weed (although one of them did try it and, in fact, we even smoked together one time). When I discovered my love for psychoactives, I initially broached the subject of drug use with all of them, in order to assess their views on the matter. They had opinions ranging from neutral to negative. So I only told two of them about my mind-altering experiences (my first drugs were caffeine and opiates, not weed) and only hinted about being interested in drugs to the others.

    I did fear rejection, but it didn't happen. I told them either because they asked (one friend noticed a book about weed in my room and asked me if I ever smoked - he was so surprised to find out I did!) or because I felt safe enough to confess it to them. I gradually disclosed the truth to most of them and the degree of disclosure is varying. Currently, only one person knows about just how extensive my drug use is. Most of my friends know that I either smoke weed casually or that I experimented with a few psychoactives (including weed) out of curiosity. There's also one friend to whom I decided I would never tell anything about my drug use.

    It was a huge relief for me to be able to tell them that I know what being high feels like. I felt really bad when people talked about drugs and I had to pretend that I was clueless too. I would certainly like to be able to tell them just how much of a druggie I actually am, but I do not feel this would be impacting our friendship in any way. After all, I never meet up with them while high, unless they want to get high/drunk too (it's a matter of respect), and I'm a good friend to them. What I do in my house and how I spend my free time is nobody's business, after all...

    Perhaps you should ask yourself why is it that you feel the need to tell them about your weed smoking. What will happen if you do? How will you feel if you tell them? Will there be any benefits for your relationship with them? Will there be any drawbacks? The relationship with my friend hasn't changed because of it, but I don't know what would happen if they'd come to label me as a "druggie", which is a word with very bad connotations in my language. So I won't take any chances...
  18. i keep two spheres of friends, as well

  19. Does it bother you? It bothers me a lot. There are people that I've hung out with occasionally, I consider them to be more acquaintances than friends, and they know I smoke, but the friends that I've been closest to for years don't know. Sometimes I think that it's unfair that I haven't told them, yet I'm comfortable disclosing to other people simply because they smoke as well.
  20. yeah one of my closest friends disapproves of my smoking, and were going to be roommates this year. i have an mflb, so Ill use that but when im high he can always tell and judges me but then he accepts it and we chill. i just recently began using weed since I got the mflb, and this friend doesnt know i started again, so idk kinda tough, similar situation i guess

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