How to tell when your just too high

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  1. Me and my friend went to see divergent while we were both baked and neither of us remember what it was about

    Stay high
  2. So about 30 mins ago I was walking on a sidewalk just finished a fat bowl of some dank shit and I start to hear some music from someones backyard to my right but I realize shortly after that it's not from the backyards but inside the right side of my head. I don't know what the guy was saying but I knew it was def the weeknd.
  3. Last summer, I just purchased my first bong. I wanted to get really baked to break it in. I bought a quarter of some pretty good bud. That night, I snuck out of the house and found a nice comfortable place to smoke. I was ripping the bong, bowl after bowl, getting high af. I got so damn high. Probably the highest I've ever been at the time. Anyways, I was just finishing up as I saw a light turn on in my house. I freaked out. I started shaking and breathing hard. I decided to hide my bong, and wait it out. I was staring at the light, hoping it would turn off soon. And finally, after what felt like forever, it was dark inside again. I slowly shuffled my way inside and passed out. The next morning I get up and go back to my spot to make sure everything was fine and stashed away properly. I come outside to find my bong with a half roasted bowl, a lighter, a jar, and a grinder sitting out on the ground right where I was smoking😂😂 luckily no one found it, but my paranoid ass was too stoned that I forgot to put everything away!!
  4. A bunch of short stories here:

    I got so high (smoked a quarter out of a bong with one friend and than dabbed) I took my second dab and coughed so hard I threw up.

    I got so high my friend and I had an hour long walk at night smoking and discussing in depth how we'd kill a coyote if one attacked us.

    I got so high I tried to take a vape hit without the mouthpiece and burnt my lip on the coil

    I got so high I went to my dealers crib (he told me just to come in) so I went in look around for 15 minutes before seeing a Mexican lady and realizing I went into his neighbors house.

    I got so high I ran out of water for my bong so I tried to fill it with snow and melt it with a small string I lit on fire.

    I got so high with my friend that he was convinced that the wax on the floor of his room was a hermit crab and flushed it down the toilet.

    I got so high I tried to mash together premade cinnamon bun dough and cookie dough to make a cookie with a foot long diameter. Threw it in the oven and than woke up 2 hours later to a burnt pile of shit.

    Tl;dr - I'm stupid

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  5. goat thread need more people posting in it 
  6. when I become 'stuck'
  7. When I forget I'm high
  8. When u walk your dog and just fall over!

    The worst is when u refilling your bong with water and then pack it nice for a hit and nothing happens,only to realise you forgot to put the bowl back in and u shoved your weed right into the water! Hate it when that happens lol
  9. When perception of time changes. Last night i walked for 1 hour and felt like it was 5 minutes. Sometimes i wonder "when the fuck did i get here"

    Or when you keep forgetting everything that happened more than 2 minutes ago.
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  10. you know your too stoned when youre with one of your really good black friends and forget who he is and start to get paranoid and wonder why there is an intimidating black guy in your house

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    when you can't even aim your fist bump and end up punching air
  12. One time I was chilling with a couple buddies high af and we all start laughing at something we see on my laptop and one friend mid laugher inhales part of a rice cake he's trying to eat which makes us all crack up even more until we realise he's choking... 10 seconds later of choking just when I think I might actually need to help him he vomits out what I can only describe as baby sick... And we all resume to laugh at what just happened

  13. What the hell... This happened to my friend Friday night! Me and three of my friends were watching Netflix and my friend Mike was eating Doritos. He starts making these weird ass noises so I look at him and tell him to shut the fuck up and that I'm trying to watch a movie. Then he puts his hands around his throat hinting that he's choking so my friend punches him in the back 4 times and he puked up a huge chunk of Doritos. Nasty as fuck but that night was hysterical. Mike was convinced his house was getting raided by the IRS for insurance fraud because his basement flooded and he lied about his xbox breaking so he got a free one. He never fails to amuse me hahaha

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    When your with your cat, high as sheet, so you decide to communicate with your cat using vibrational energy, and he'll actually respond. Then he'll proceed to look and stick around stare at you for a short moment, and then you trip out because then you know it definitely worked. You keep looking at him, and just sharing vibrations and enjoying the moment communicating. After a few seconds, he'll look away and walk off, and no matter how hard you try, you can't get him back by calling out with your energies. You then get pissed off because he's not listening since he thinks he's tough stuff and doesn't give a flying mouse, then you laugh at yourself.

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  15. I banged my shin getting out of a car bad enough that it started to bleed pretty good. I head to the cabinet, grab a Band-Aid and proceed to open and monkey around with it when I think, 'this shits gonna sting when I pull it off with all that leg hair'... So I shaved my leg up to the knee. On the upside, it didn't hurt when I did pull it off so I guess its a win.[​IMG]
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    i was like brb going to take a hit of water.
  17. When you have the headphones in your phone but not in your ears and wonder why the sound wont play through the speakers.

    Everyones a genius in their own mind
  18. Sitting in complete silence and just thinking about random shit like Bigfoot and you hear something and get scared that it's Bigfoot... Something kinda like that lol
  19. When you have your headphones in your ears but not plugged into the phone and you're wondering why it's not getting loud enough.
  20. Paranoid high... Just one time I was smoking after a year long hiatus and thought my mom was going to catch me. So I'm just telling my friends what if we get caught? Where gonna get caught! I should've never done this? My life is over!!! Omg omg omg.... I was in tx my mom lives in NYC...:(

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