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how to tell when your bud is ripe and ready to harvest,& harvesting.

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by redhot, Nov 4, 2009.

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    To tell when your bud is ripe and ready for harvest the first thing you should do is go to walmart or radioshack and buy alil magnifying glass that is about 20x magnification close around there no lower than 10x and you look at the thricomes on the colas of your bud and if you see that half and half are white/amber they are ready to be harvested.This is realy important in some cases such as you want a more energetic buzz then you should have more milkyish thricomes if you like a laid back couch lock high it helps to have more amberish thricomes.
    When you have figured out what you prefer and it has come to the time you truly beleive they are ready to be harvested then you wait 2 more days because your concious is telling you that you need to smoke as soon as possible but the day you think they are ready be ready to wait 2 days to be sure of it.
    When you have waited those 2 days to be sure they are truly ready it is time to harvest your plant/plant's.
    OK well you know how you have spent money on your plant through out your nine or so months and was hoping it would be easy and quik to smoke............. well if you didnt already know i am sorry they dont put a label on your seeds saying you need to buy nutrients and exc. till the day you smoke but the supplies are needed for these last steps.
    #1 trimming scissors-most nurseries carry appropriate scissors for the procedures to be taken
    #2 gloves-to keep the resinous sap off your hands you will want these trrust me
    #3 jars that are air tight sealable that can hold atleast an oz
    #4 rope or wire-to hang and strap your bud too when they are being hung to dry
    #5 a room big enouph for the amount of bud you will be drying
    #6 rest your hands the day before you plan to trim
    #7 razor blade for cutting your stems of the plant/plants
    #8 bags about 1ft tall paper preferably and 1ft wide x 6inches wide
    And that is the esentials you will need if you want to get fancy go right ahead its your money and your bud.
    well hers your big day get your but ready some snacks and drinks and supplies within a reachable distance on a cleared off table.
    go into your grow room or your garden and take a razor blade and cut your stem directly under the first node and put into a bag upside down.
    next bring it into your trimming area and take out and place on table and sit down
    this excercise is mainly used for multi bud plants or excesively large buds-pick up your razor blade and your plant and start cutting it up into smaller sections so as to be as big as your palm once you have cut your bud into smaller sections make sure their is a stem at the bottom that is about 3inches long on each sectioned bud depending on if you are going to hang your buds or set them on chicken wire above the ground/floor.
    once you have done this take off all the fan leaves you can without damaging your bud and place in bag (for hash if you are wishing to make any) then pick up your scissors and one of the buds and trim as many of the leaves around the bud as you can becaus the more you leave the harsher your smoke will be harsh try to make it so your buds are perfectly cirmetrical with as least of leaves as possible do this repeatably till all your buds are done.
    well finally only 1 more month to wait take your trimmed buds and A. place on laid down chicken wire that is above the ground in a ventilated area that is dark (cold kind of) or B. hang up by tieing them up by the stem part that you saved like i said before in a ventilated area that is dark (cold kind of) and hang for a day or two till your buds feel dry or you can snap the stem easily without much budding and after you have figured weither they are dry take your buds and jars and start placing your bud in your jars (if needed to fit in your jars cut till they fit leave room in your jars) then place your jars in a dark ventilated area for a month with atleast to reopenings of your jars every week for atleast 2mins to refresh the air and to keep mold from forming on your bud. these checks are esential if you want a smooth nice smoke and no mold forming.
    well after your month has passed bye take your bud and do what you wish with it thanks for reading this have fun.
  2. wow no replys i must suck at explaining
  3. I doubt it's anything personal against you. It's probably just because there's a Harvesting/Processing subforum that already has tons of very detailed info on how to do all of this.
  4. Yea, theres already a section for harvesting with lots and lots of info
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    You explained everything except HOW TO TELL WHEN YOUR BUDS ARE READY FOR HARVEST. And that is the title of the thread. By visually looking (without the magnifier) at your buds. If there are long white pistils sticking way out, and hardly any green bud, it's way to early for harvest. The green bud will grow and the clayxes will "swell" up around the pistils. The pistils will start to turn amber and thats when you start triking your buds. If you planted in spring, it should take 6-7 months (not 9) for you to harvest. Flower season usually starts around August (for outdoor, Northern hemisphere). Thank you and good luck to you :)
  6. Pictures would be nice, i mean you do give a detailed guide. I dont know what it looks like though, where, or anything like that .

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