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How to tell the difference in good/bad weed at a deal

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by KKirch, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. New to posting, not new to the site and smoked for about a year now, always with my friend as a dealer, but it's gotten harder and harder to set it up. How would I be able to check out the weed before I pay and tell if it's good or not?
  2. bring a telescope
  3. By looking at it and saying yes or no if you want to buy it Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. There's a thread somewhere about basic stoner shit like knowing bud quality
  5. All you gotta do is ask and when you see it you should know if it's dank or not. If it isn't dont buy it, duhh.
  6. Alright, nobody that I see has posted what I think you're looking for, and if you're like me OP, you're too stoned to sift through threads with the express intent of finding one, so I'll dump what I know. One of the first and best things you can do when picking up is ask to be there when he weights it out, if possible. The dealers I use are willing to drive to you or bring you to their place to transact weed more conveniently. Those are the guys you want to be giving your money to. 
    Anyway, bring up Google, go to Leafly, and look at some of the most popular strains. Go through the galleries, really acquaint yourself with what weed looks like when it's good. Now, does the bud you're buying look like this? Does it have the same properties as potent, healthy, well grown weed? How is the smell? Is it strong? Are the nugs leafy and light, or 'fluffy', or are they dense, tightly packed, and stick to your fingers/the bag? What color is it? Some weed that's good will look bad if you don't know your strains. You don't have to memorize each strain individually but it does help to know what the common basic qualities of strong weed are for your future smoking enjoyment. :smoke:
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    Good weed and bad weed are always easily identifiable. First off, I don't know how everyone else does it... but I never accept shake! Your weed should always look lush, moderately hairy, covered in trichomes, neatly trimmed and it should always be full nugs (relative to how much you asked for)!
    Think of it like looking at a vegetable, such as broccoli. You can easily tell the fresh batch from the batch that's been totally neglected.
    You also asked how you would check the weed before purchasing. Any half decent dealer will let you 'peep' the weed before you hand him the money so long as you ask. Always ask, or that dealer will probably never take you seriously therein.
  8. Hard, Compressed dark green or brown and seeds?  Crap. If your paying $20 for 7g's youre alright I guess... If its fresh, sticky bright green and crystals, better empty your wallet.
  9. Shit if he wants to make money, he's gonna let you check the bud. If not, it's not even worth buyin and is sketchy IMO. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. You can literally google "what does good weed look like"
  11. Smell. If its pungent its 9.9 times out of 10 its gonna be high quality
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    Finding out the quality of weed that you aren't personally growing is usually a trial and error type scenario. Most dealers arent going to stand there while you inspect their stock, nor is it in their best interest as a dealer to allow that kind of transparency if they intend to make a profit. That being said, it's probably best to try and build some rapport with your connect(s). Take a gamble on like an eighth. If its good shit, you've got an eighth and can always go back for more. If it's schwag or lower grade, grind it all up and make an edible, or just smoke enough of it to get a satisfactory high- keep it moving in search of a better connect after that.

    Smell is usually a great indicator or quality though. As far as the look goes, it can be misleading
  13. Don't buy shakes homie. I dont. Also, be there when they are weighing it out because dealers will skimp you out on a sack if you're new.
  14. Don't meet at some random place. Go to his/her house and ask to see the bud, as long as it isn't compressed and seedy with stems in your bag, you should be good. It never hurts to smell the bud either but I don't think smell is always the best indicator of good bud because the reggie that I get smells skunky as hell but isn't that good of bud. I don't mess with reggie unless its $100 an O or less.
  15. Ask him if he wants to toke up. If he's a dealer that offers varying qualities of bud and he does want to toke up, your stuff should be good. If he says no thanks then that's because he just sold you his shit and he's going to spark the good stuff the moment you walk out the door. 
  16. what he said^^^^^^

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