How To Tell Strict African Parents You Smoke Weed

Discussion in 'General' started by mikegunior7, Jun 2, 2013.

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    How should I come clean? Most likely I will be kicked out and sent to live my my dad and Stepmom. Give me advice fam I'm scared out of my mind.

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  2. Watch some fresh prince and just mimic how he does it, thats how real life works u no
  3. 1. Arrange living conditions to your specs (get your OWN place). 
    2. Look your father square in the eye, and tell him that you smoke weed.
  4. Be honest for sure.  Dont try to make it seem like you're getting away with doing something wrong(as many parents like to think it is)
  5. If Africans are anything like Haitians (sorry for my ignorance, I really have no idea), then you don't. My Haitian buddy was kicked out a couple years ago cause he started smoking weed, no ifs ands or buts.
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    What's good bro, I'm a fellow African as well (Liberian to be exact) so I know how you feel. First, where are you from because that can indoctrinate your parents' views such as following authority (government, religion) telling them that "drugs are bad" without challenging their views.
    It's even worse when you have a religious mother that tries to manipulate you by crying but I learned to get over it because she can't handle a rational debate, if your parents are incapable or unwilling to accept a different perspective on Cannabis then I'll just keep it under wraps and stay responsible. Smoke outside so they don't smell any trace of weed, it's sad how parents fuck you over because of something harmless SMH.
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    If you're worried you're going to be kicked out then just don't tell them.

    Sounds to me like it'll just cause unnecessary drama in your life.

    Wait until you're old enough to live alone or have a place to go.

    Just don't smoke in/near the house, and stay away from your parents when you're high.

    If you get caught, yes, tell the truth.. but if you are respectful and don't rub it in their faces, they aren't going to know and it'll save all of you a bunch of pain until you're ready to strike out into the world on your own, and are able to take care of yourself just in case.
  8. Actually did you know that Haiti is part of the Africa diaspora, diaspora refers to a community that are descended from the historical movement of people from Africa (Atlantic slave trade). Haitian Music-Konpa is the shit though, check out Coupe Cloue - Habitude Ce Vice, Tabou Combo, I will recommend you a lot of more but I'm way too tired at the moment. I'm chill as fuck to smoke with.
  9. Don't tell them and don't smoke at the house, until you have your own place.
  10. 1. Roll a fat joint.
    2. Wait until parents are near the front door.
    3. Light the joint.
    4. Kick the fucking door off its fucking hinges and barge in that motherfucker.
    5. Blow a fat O ring right into their faces.
    6. Walk away. 
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    let them be ignorant
    we all have our own delusions
  12. I wouldn't tell them.
  13. I would just do your best to hide it and tell them you stopped. Seems like they are really strict and won't change there mind of it.
  14. Just tell them you've tried it. Don't make it look like a bad thing.

    Tere is an infinite anount of ways they can respond to it.

    Just make it feel like if you were to be honest and wanted to have a honest parents child relationship.

    If they respond really negatively just say you stopped, you didnt like it and that you are not worried about it and just felt like you wanted to be honest.
    Then talk about how you've read about it and about the benefits and stuff
  15. You might try going the medical route by showing your stepmother this article you just "happened on" on the net!
    Pot compound seen as tool against cancer      (news – 2012)
    Your Dad may find this of interest if he fears Alzheimer's-
    Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's      (news - 2006)
    You might even get a copy of "Granny Storm Crow's List" (see the bottom of my sig) and skim on through the titles until something "clicks".  Keep in mind all those ailments that "run in your family".
    And this is a goodie, written by an EX-drug counselor-
    When Your Kid Smokes Pot       (news – 2008)
    Hope that helps!
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    Hell, I live on my own and I still havent told my parents. I dont really see the need for them to know. 
  17. I see no way in which this can backfire.
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    A lot of parents just don't understand, if you haven't got caught yet just wait until you move out. Weed isn't that important compared to survival, just be smart about when/where you smoke and you'll be fine. Why bother risking getting kicked out and arguing before you're living on your own? But when/if you do have the talk, try to sound as reasonable as possible and have information to back it up. If you feel like weed might ruin your relationship completely then you should take a break or cut down, make your own choices when you have to pay the bills. If you live on your own, you wouldn't even have to tell them...
  19. deny deny deny...
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    Cook shit-tonnes of weed into space cakes, and eat them all before you tell them. It'll help you calm down. Or just smoke a few blunts to the dome, that'll do the trick.
    "Yoo0Oo0 dudeeesssss, I gottaaa tell youuu somethin'..................."



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