How to tell someone you miss them?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Deleted member 281310, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. I know that I may have been drifting alone for quite a while, but I sure miss your company. (?)

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  2. Dick pic
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  3. It's a special thing to miss someone...not a feeling like it in the world.

    Depends on what your style is...Letters allow me to express myself in a powerful way without the energy of finally talking to them choking me up. Letters are VERY personal...and take thought and energy. That goes a long way to a lot of people, even if they haven't ever received one.

    Snail mail letters that is.

    Or you can send a cheesy hallmark card. Whatever your style is...good luck.
  4. If it's a fellow dude, a heartfelt "miss ya man" would suffice.
    If it's a woman, you can get a bit more personal with something like "I really do miss you"

    Try it. They won't bite.
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  5. Send the video for "I miss you" by blink 182 to them

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  6. Flowers.

    If that's not a runner then I'd go with the trusty SMS. If you're the adventurous sort you could send her a video message but I'd be careful with that as it may come across as creepy/sleazy.
  7. Ask them for some of their hair and you'll never miss them again.

    at least... they'll hope so.
  8. "_insert name_, I miss you."
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  9. I miss you, but you still owe me $50.
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  10. How? By actually missing them, lol; if you have to ask, how much could you possibly miss them? Your making a mistake bruh, ruuuuuuuun!!
  11. If it's family you go talk to them they are family and family is forever if it's a relationship problem you go to the nearest bar and drink and hook up with the sexiest person there you can

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  12. I miss you stone.

    See? Easy as pie
  13. Don't tell someone you love them; show them.

    I guess that works for 'miss,' too.
  14. miss youuuuuuuuuuu!

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