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how to tell someone nicely "fuck off"

Discussion in 'General' started by Rotties4Ever, Nov 8, 2011.

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    I have this friend and lately hes budding heads with me and being a general ass, and annoys the crap out of me.
    A lot of times its hard to have a real conversation with this person because they are un able to have it without some sort of argument or rude remarks (he may not perceive it as such, but thats the case nonetheless).
    I feel best thing for me right now is to pretty much sever all contact with this guy but its awkward and uncomfortable for me, plus me both know a lot of the same people.

    So gc ..whats a nice way to tell someone to fuck off, with out upsetting or offending them?
    I dont wanna sound like a dick...:wave:

    any sound advice is really appreciated

    edit- basically this friend is a somewhat negative aspect of my life a lot of the time. I dont need drama in my life, everyone Im sure got enough bullshit going on in their lives as it is...
  2. "dude I know your just trying to be funny and stuff but it's getting really hard to have a good time with you when you start acting like this."

    ... Is a line i've used in the past
  3. IDK man. That's a real tough spot. I wish I could tell you something brilliant, but all I got is this, avoid him like the plague. Ignore calls and texts and eventually he'll get the message.
  4. I stop replying to them. They eventually get the message.

    If they ask, why didn't you answer etc, I WAS BUSY SLEEPING. Keep every answer short.
  5. both of these work, but they will hurt his feelings on some level.
    I wish to avoid that, otherwise I feel like the asshole.
    I try hard not be thought of as one.
  6. Just edit them out of your life-don't call them, don't invite them over. Relationships, like plants, die when you do not fertilize and water them....
  7. Be like "GET OUT OF MY FACE"!
  8. Say "Oi mate, your words are about as dense as your head, I'm surprised you haven't floated away yet."

    Lol, I don't know, man. There's no nice way to tell someone to fuck off.
  9. Fuck Off!!!!!....please<3
  10. Just be like "STEP OFF! STEP OFF!"

  11. I don't get it, whats he saying thats ticking you off?

    But i agree with the plant/relatiionship analogy; I'm letting a plant die right now. Was friends with the kid for a while but he's just so god-damn pessimistic all the time and he holds himself back. Then when I try to "advance" in some area he turns into a hater and talks you down.

    "Yo that girl is mad hot I wanna go talk to here"

    "Heh, good luck jimmy-jam..." he says sarcasticly....

    fuck people like that man. They're poison.
  12. you better make like a tree and scram
  13. I saw that movie not to long ago on TV, and I still laugh when he's like, YA NOT HARDCORE UNLESS YOU LIVE HARDCORE.

    Mainly due to a inside joke centered around that, but whatever.
  14. Tell him you don't wanna hangout with him. Simple. Kind of common sense.
  15. Next time ya'll get into an argument, air his as out. call him a dweeb and tell him he's a lame for always trying to start shit and arguing, then just never talk to him again. Problem..Diffused!
  16. I repped everyone who gave me great ideas, thanks for the help guys.

    I think I might find a way to bring it up next time we get into an argument
  17. Watch every episode of the trailer park boys and you will be a master.
  18. Shit in his boots

    edit:too late? But still,shit in his boots.

  19. Lmao. 'shit in his boots' fuckin hilarious! Now that's a way to end a friendship...I shat in your boots turn and walk away...
  20. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgM5SBXPuis&feature=related]The Meaning Of Child Please - YouTube[/ame]

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