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How to tell my mother that i smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Timbo420420420, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. I'm 18 years old going into my last year of high school, I live at home. Recently my dad, who is a little more lenient caught me smoking alone out of my bedroom window. My mom dosent know yet, my dad is making me tell her. My mother is very against smoking simply because its illegal. How can I tell her without making her too upset or angry.
  2. Tell her it wasn't you.
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  3. Just tell her the truth I smoked right in front of my mom when I was 18 my way of telling her. Your an adult
  4. Dam that's rough, lucky for me my parents told each other back in the day lol. But just be straight up I guess. Tell her your dad caught you and made you tell her. Then say something reassuring like, It was my second time or something

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  5. Honestly man. Just come right out and say that you smoke. Are your grades in check? Are your responsibilities in order? If so try to show her that you aren't the stereotype stoner. Sure she is gonna be upset that her son/daughter is doing drugs in her house. Just keep your shit together and don't fuck up and in time she will come to accept it even if she doesn't agree with it.
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  6. Emancipation Proclamation. And give a 2 hour lecture on the constitutional justice of slavery. Should work I'm p sure.
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  7. Just say "I smoke marijuana" and spark up a fat blunt lol
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    Fixed it for you.
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  9. Take a fat bong hit. Run in to her room and go ahhhhhh ! Marijuana, I smoke it.
  10. Explain to her ain't nothin changed...she just knows something now. It's true. Tell her if she ever had a problem with your attitude the weed helped fix it and it shouldn't bother her since her only problem is the illegal aspect so you good. Tell her you never got caught so she should chill.
    My experience is if someone doesn't want you smoking only because of the illegal aspect and not ANY of the health aspects is probably a heart at least

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  11. Lol
  12. Smoke one with her.... it'll take all her worries and troubles away.

    Grow journal
  13. told her. she thinks im a drug addict.
  14. probab
    Prob the best advice i got, everyone should keep this in mind.
  15. probab
    Prob the best advice i got, everyone should keep this in mind.
  16. Yea being honest is always the best bet. I didn't tell my folks they found out on their own. Grew up with them always ransacking my room like a couple fiends. Been smokin for 24 years off n on and my folks were against it till the day it became legal, now the topic of conversation is the benefits of cbd and cancer. Ya can't win just do what ya no is right for you man.
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  17. Well...that seems as if it went as bad as it could have gone.
  18. Well OP did the right thing. Been in their shoes and know how it goes. It's been a long battle almost 10 years but my mother has come to deal with the fact I smoke. Doesn't mean she doesn't tell me I should stop but at least i don't have to hide it.

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  19. Brainwashed alcoholics will consume anything their government legally allows them to kill themselves with. Cancer is a big industry and every store sells it.
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