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How to tell my girlfriend I still smoke pot?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Meeksy, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Alright guys, so here's the deal. I have this girlfriend who is 200% against drugs. Her brother was a druggie, and overdosed and died (coincidentally in the same house that I live in now), so she would flip 109 shits if she found out I was still smoking.

    Before we started dating, she knew that I smoked pot, (mainly because I always smelled like weed/was always high when I saw her) and she even knew about my little Oxycontin binge that I was on for a while ( I was arrested at school for having it, and went to jail for like, a fucking week. )
    When we started dating she made me promise her I wouldn't do drugs anymore. However, I still smoke pot, but I hate having to do it behind her back. I've tried discreetly telling her I smoke pot, by asking her things like "Why do you despise weed as much as other drugs? weed isn't even harmful" in which she responded "Well, weed was the first drug my brother did, so I kinda don't like it because of that", I wanted to tell her that her brother was fucking stupid and let marijuana be a gateway drug for him, but I didn't want to offend her, so I just ended the discussion there.

    I cannot think of any good ways to tell her that I smoke pot, and only pot, and I'm going to pretty much whether she likes it or not. (sounds a lot more douchey in words o_O)

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    Break it off now, it's not going to work.

    I guess I should elaborate.

    She associates weed with her brother's death. She will never be okay with it. Sorry buddy, but that's the cold truth. As long as you smoke weed, you guys will not have a healthy relationship; whether or not she knows you smoke.

    Your options here are pretty simple: her or weed.
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  3. ^^^ yup exactly. If she can't accept you for who you are you can kick her to the curb. SEEEEEEEE YA
  4. Yeah, that would be a lot easier if I wasn't in love with her.
  5. There's rarely a way to get through to people once they've battoned down the hatches like that.

    Maybe show her the union and see what happens.
  6. However, I will say, I have thought about breaking it off with her a couple of times. THOUGHT. It's easier said than done though, I had a crush on her for like, 2 years, and have been with her for about a year now, it's not so easy to just be like, oh yeah, it's over. I'm breaking up with you so I can smoke pot without you being up my ass about it.
  7. Love and infatuation are two different things. Plenty of bitches in the sea
  8. Talk to her about it. None of us know her, she may end up being okay with it. Just don't get your hopes up. If you love her enough, you'll quit.

    No good relationship has a lie festering, hidden away. Speaking from experience. It deteriorates your relationship.
  9. Tell her its her or the weed. That'll make her LOVE bud lmfaoo.
  10. Sneak her some edibles... It'll be love at first taste.
  11. Tell her your GAY and smoke marijuana, when she's done crying hysterically, then just tell her you were only joking about being gay, She'd be so happy and wont even be upset about smoking. :D
  12. Guys, I wouldn't turn this shit around on the girlfriend. He PROMISED her he wouldn't do any drugs to get some fucky sucky action. Now as the love has grown so has the guilt of smoking behind her back. Sorry to say bro, but you got two options. You come clean and try to come to some of arrangement or understanding. The other is that she catches you (trust me she will eventually when you least expect it) and then if she doesn't call the relationship right there and your not getting a blowjob for a very long time.

    Ah fuck, sometimes I just love being single.
  13. Uh no. And just no.

    I have proposed to a girl. That's how much I loved her. But I will never, and I repeat NEVER stop doing something I enjoy that has no negative effects on others. Its a part of who I am.

    Thats like telling the girl, "Its either me or masturbation", Which do you love more.

    Its for the soul purpose of control.

  14. I'm just saying it would be better for her to find out you smoke from you. If somehow one of your buddies slips up and mentions something in front of someone that knows her you would be in for a world of hurt. Get it out on the table, give her your side of it and after all is said and done if she wants you to stop maybe take a break for a while.
  15. I was speaking to the OP. Everybody's different.
  16. Threats always work a charm... like this one time i acidently threw my ball over the neighbours fence, so i asked the man to get it for me he said no, and i replied with
    "do it or ill drown your cat" .

    Moral of the story is that i got my hat back,
    Make the right decision
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    Assuming that you're in your 20's or less you have plenty of time to sacrifice your life to spend it with a significant other, I would worry about your well being before her preferences on lifestyle. Anyone who's been crushed by young love can tell you that you'll find it again with someone who can fully accept you for who you are. Meanwhile tell her the truth and your honest views on it. Personally I would be insulted that someone hides a broken promise rather than coming clean and not quitting, but I'm of a rational mind, unlike the finer sex at times.

    My first serious relationship lasted for like 3 years, only for her to tell me she didn't love me anymore after watching a movie, and moved on just like that. Believe me women can be more addicting, and cause more suffering, than any kind of drug abuse.
  18. Been there done that with the hiding it stuff. It's lame for everyone involved. Makes you into a lier, and her into a over-reactor. All in all, no bueno.

    Find a girl that tokes or is OK with it.
  19. You can portray yourself as someone else when you're in a relationship. Eventually you're no longer yourself you'll just become a character. Then eventually you'll forget all those things you said you did/didn't like and everything will crumble.
  20. You just answered your own question man, you got a choice your gonna have to make it.

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