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How to tell if you're high.

Discussion in 'General' started by Stealf, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. I was thinkin.. what makes you realize when you're high. What's you're first high reaction.

    Mine is time distortion and realizing I just smoked a bowl and I should be.
  2. the
    oh fuck factor
  3. That heavy feeling all around my brain that makes me stare at random shit.
  4. my spidey senses start to tingle
  5. Usually when I have to ask "Am I high?" I then realize that yes, I am high as hell.
  6. Usually when I start talkin a shitload too.
  7. When I come out of my trance from staring at my pipe.
  8. I usually start drumming on my leg/random objects when I'm high. and If I get really into it, than I know I'm high
  9. when i talk about random stuff to my mom without any reason

    when im laying in bed havin the spins

    when i can judge whether one is a good actor or not, better than not high

    when even the worst tv shows get interesting

    when i dont understand most threads

    when i say stuff that doesnt make sens and make up some words :D
  10. I start to space out and feel start to feel all relaxed
  11. When i believe i can cure cancer.
  12. A lot of muscles in my legs tense up, like my calves and toes. And I'll realize my toes have been curled under for a while
  13. I have "Chinese eyes."
  14. you just know man... you just know...
  15. When i can start feeling my brain think and my organs working inside of me... yeah that when i know im just too high haha
  16. i start to feel my blood move throughout my body and it feels like im vibrating... plus every though changes to me talking to myself in my head hah
  17. Once I start zoning out to music and then realizing the tiny little changes in a song are awesome. Oh and also I get a heavy slight spin feeling.
  18. when i start to love the world again,as i used too.
  19. I stare at my pipe for ten minutes debating whether or not to take another hit.

    I usually snap out of it and say to myself "Nope, stoned enough"
  20. When I start feeling pressure on my cheek bones. Probably a stupid way to explain it haha

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