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How to tell if your weed is laced?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by K1ngkaos, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Is there anyway i could check my weed to see if it's laced?

  2. smoke it
    or ask the person who sold it to you
    both are pretty stupid answers to a pretty stupid question
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    Sounds like you're a newer smoker. Don't listen to the propaganda... dealers wont normally lace ur shit with PCP and shit like cops say. It's pointless..... they dont make any money... they lose money. No one has time for lacing weed.
    i think common sense comes into play like hard core.... if it doesnt look like a natural plant flower.... than you got some crazy shit going on.
    I think if i got a eighth for 40 and tripped balls on it id be happy as fuck.
  4. Check if you can tie a bow ?
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  5. By looking at it
  6. Thanks, you answered my question
    Happy too. Happy toking.
  8. Have you ever done hard drugs before?

    Have you smoked weed before?

    does the bud burn differently/taste different/ make you see pink elephants?
    then yes, your bud is laced
  9. 1. It's not laced
    2. Smoke it and then buy a home drug test that screens for most drugs and see what happens?

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  10. Yeah dirt weed is laced with ...dirt. But also petrochemicals, dog food, dog poop and mud. They do this so the ''weed'' weights more. If it tastes like shit it is laced. Most people do know it is laced but they smoke it anyway cause it gets them high, and it is cheap.


  11. OP is 4 years old, why do you keep bumping dead threads??
  12. Why do you care bro? Just give me the necromancy thread card already.:judge:
    and it is above poster not op
    op stands for original poster


  13. There wouldn't be any post if it wasn't for the OP, why do i care? It's annoying AF seeing old ass threads showing up in the new posts because people like you keep bumping them..
  14. Well i guess what you can do is talk to a mod to close all these ''dead threads''
    They are very alive now because i revived them.
    I just tried to revive another one but it says: -''thread closed for further responses.''


  15. What lol I'm not going to ask a mod to close them all :laughing: I'm just saying don't expect a response from the OP because of how old the threads are, the reason you wasn't able to comment on another thread is because a mod has closed it down meaning no one can reply to it.
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  16. If the guy you bought it from has a nickname, nobody knows his real one, or where he lives, and if you bought it at a party store or gas station parking lot, it's probably laced. If it's legal medical weed you got from a dispensary, it probably has pesticide residue, but if you grow your own organically, you're all good.

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