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How to tell if you have Indica or Sativa?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AustinPowers, May 7, 2011.

  1. Is there anyway to tell what kind of strain it is before buying it. I mean, I know Indica=couch lock and Sativa=energy but is there anyway to tell what kind of strain it is before smoking it?
  2. Sativas are usually more spear like looking buds/not very tight buds . Although one SSH i had was pretty damn tight
  3. Smoke that shit and find out.

    Otherwise unless you are familiar with botany and analyzation of plants than I doubt you will be able to.
  4. Look your strain up on google they have lots of websites with the strain's lineage and crosses and back crosses look at attitude seed bank that will give you an idea
  5. i think the more dense buds are sativa, while the vageta-hair looking buds are indica. could be wrong though.

    i remember wondering the same thing. try looking up characteristics & examples of each - it's pretty easy to tell on most strains after you give it a look for a second.
  6. My indica buds are always tight

  7. maybe i got the two confused.
  8. Is sativa like snowcap or sweet island skunk good for anxiety/depression problems? Ppl say that indicas are way to heavy/strong to relief or help anxiety problems. Please let me know
  9. Strains differ in % and if u don't recognize what u got or your source doesn't tell u knowing a exact % is tough most things come in 35%/65% but some strains are 100% I may have a picture and a % ill look
  10. 75% sativa .strawberry cough roughly 3.5gs. Obviously the weight isn't relavent

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  11. thats an 1/8th? looks a little skimpy
  12. its the difference between whoa and wow
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    Looks good, so what u recommend?
  14. I hope your hands are fuckin huge :D
  15. Sativa is usually a lighter green and smells more piney/citrusy
  16. indica dominant- sometimes skunky, sometimes a little lemony, always tight dense nugs, sometimes a little darker greens sometime maybe a little purp ,darker orange hairs, couch-lock

    sativa dominant- fruitier sweeter smell, light brighter green and yellowish orange hairs, fluffier nugs, cerebral head buzz

    but alotta bud is mixes w/ different percentages and whatnot, i really only notice if something is mostly sativa or indica every once and awile personally
  17. Smoke it and find out! lol It's clearly the best way. But yeah man, Indica is normally rounder, darker green, and tight. Sativa is longer and lighter. Smells better too :)
  18. mostly whta i noticed about it is
    Sativas - They tend to be fluffier the orange hairs branch out form the bud a bit more form the bud and are a lil more noticeable/

    Indicas- Usually are a little more dense(not always), darker in color, the hairs are a lil more red, and the red hairs tend to kind of "latch on" to the bud. hopefully hat helps.
  19. i dk for sure but im pretty sure thats backwards cause the sativas tend to give a crazy head high so with anxiety which is problems with you freaking out mentally in your head it seems like an indica strain which will give a relaxing body high would work better for you anxiety like i sid this is just my theory on the matter. but as for finding out if you have sativa or indica like people have said look around online for your strain or smoke it to test its effects.

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