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How to tell if the weed is good shit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DrexG, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. I always wanted to know how to tell if the weed is good shit. Like when someone trys to sell me some. I know your suppose to see some crystals in it or something like that
  2. if it's really really smelly, it's good shit.
    if it gets you really really high, it's good shit.
    if there's lots of crystals, it's good shit.
    if it's fluffy, it's probably good shit.

    if there's seeds, stems, poop smell, compression, and no high, it's shit.
  3. What if its dry...

  4. How dry are we talking about?

    All the "dank" buds that I've gotten are always pretty sticky.
  5. dry is debatable. it's gotta be the right amount of dry. I've had too dry weed and definitely too wet weed. the too wet was from grimy dealers who wanted a quarter to weigh half.
  6. I don't think dryness makes any difference...Just easier to smoke
  7. well weed varieys in strength, from personal experiance i just try shit out and hope for the best but yea i know some weeds super crystaly than some not to much, but how i kinda tell is if it has a nice smell buds arnt to dry and not to moist so kinda bouncy when u squeez them with ur fingers and frosty also :)
  8. It gets you high.:cool:
  9. Smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooke iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
  10. Alright, what about leafy but with crystals?
  11. If you can't tell good bud from bad bud, don't spend large sums of money on bud. Period. You don't require bulk purchases, and you will probably not benefit from dropping some bills on an "ounce" or on some "dank" at your current level.

    Keep smoking with friends until you get a better feel for how much/ what type/ other variables etc concerning your bud, and when you feel confident you won't get scammed, hit the streets and find some variety.
  12. Dry doesn't tell you potency. Good weed left out for a few days will get dry, but still be good shit.
  13. If it looks exotic there's a good chance it is. If it's stickyish and after handling it like breaking a bud up you can see the resin on your fingers.
    Crazy hair color, nug color, etc.
    Low amount of stems, and seeds usually indicate bad weed.

    Really the best way is to light up though... If you're buying a lot from someone just ask to test it out.
  14. Yeah I've been smoking since High School but have really only smoked what was given to me. Now I'm looking to buy some but want to prevent getting ripped off. I might just take your advice and buy a dime bag and just see how high that gets me. And inspect the weed.
  15. It becomes almost second nature after enough smoking and purchasing.

    Mids usually have seeds and lots of stems. It's not incredibly sticky (breaking it up by hand doesn't leave a ton of crystals on your fingers) and the smell isn't too strong. Mids is usually darker green and smokes harsher, too.

    It's pretty easy to tell if you got danks. Sometimes there is what I call "creeper dank", which doesn't appear to be dank, or smoke/smell like it, but the amount needed to smoke and the high achieved is that of danks. That usually doesn't happen, though.

    Danks are usually light green, have lots of orange hairs, and are covered in crystals. Sometimes fluffy and airy, sometimes dense and pungent. The smell should tip you off if the look doesn't. Dank is usually very smelly. Not a lot of stems in the nugs, and none or a very little amount of seeds. Sticky to the touch, and sometimes doesn't want to break up when you try.

    Really, the only way to tell is to buy a lot of both and slowly learn to identify. If I lost my main connects and had to find new ones, I could easily tell if someone was trying to slang me mids as danks. Bottom line, smoke it. Mids tends to give me a tired/lazy high and is very harsh on my lungs, and doesn't last that long. Danks energizes and gives me a strong head high (I usually get Sativa-dominant bud), and is a thick smoke, but doesn't burn your lungs.
  16. Schwag= Ugly and shitty

    Mids= Green and good.

    High Grade= Exotic and amazing.

    Just enjoy smoking, you'll figure it out.
  17. my pal just smoked a .3 of my juicy fruit, and hes high as fuck, so... good enough for me :)
  18. the smell is important, but theres really no way to tell without sampling it. I had something I thought was dank as fuck (the smell was so raunchy) but it didnt really get me stoned. and on the flip side I got something that had almost no smell, and it got me retarded.

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