How to tell if someones been visiting my site?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Metridixal, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I might be paranoid but it seems like there is a beaten down trail leading to my plants that I didn't leave. Actually im almost certain. Is there any tricks to know if someones been visitting?
  2. buy one of those hunting cameras that takes a pic if something in front of it moves.
  3. Add a counter, use javascript
  4. Mwaaa hhaaa ha ha ha ha,,,,, very clever. Seriously tho, i get paranoid, too... aside from the camera(i dont have one) set up something like a stick leaning up against another on ur trail there. make it inconspicuous but right in the way... if its knocked over, somone/thing came thru... one trick is to poke some tiny twigs(1-2in. long) into the grass vertically like a bed of nails at one point on that trail, little twigs just sticking up a 1/2 inch or so... if theyre hammered into the ground like nails or broken when u come back some human stepped on them...Hope ur shits still secret dude, sorry to hear about this.:(
  5. keep in mind it could be a deer or other large animals
  6. Leave some cash in a ziplock bag out in the open. If you're dealing with a crafty ripper, he might leave it though.
  7. small sheet of plywood with a whole mess of 8penny nalis driven through. conceal it well on the trail with the tips up. Dont forget where ya put it either. Watch to see if any of your buddies is limping or follow the blood trail. Yeah I'm crude but I'm effective.
  8. every time!
  9. Piece of 4 lb fishing line . tree to tree or whatever
  10. trap human and maintain life until grow is completed then release human into a rapid river
  11. Dont use traps that will maim or kill, you guys...Cops find your grow and its boobied, youll go to prison for days if they link it to you... Rippers suck, but i dont want to kill them unless i get to slide that blade in myself. Real personal like.
    Use a simple tension trap made w/a trip wire and rudimentary trigger. I like willow, cuz it grows nearby and is whippy as fuck. rig it up on your trail so itll smack a ripper in his mouth. it wont kill him, but he'll know that u know hes been there and its unlikely he'll be able to reset it and cover his tracks... i use them for deer, with old CD's tied to the branch, the whip of the trap and the flash of the cd plastic has got to scar em shitless. something tripped mine this year, early on, but ate nothing and didnt come back...yet.
  12. It's crazy because it's on an island in the middle of a river with highly poisionous plants all around it. Like the kind that if you touch them you get severe burns. I thought I touched them when I was planting and scared the shit out of myself.
  13. 40 bucks for a game came but if they show at nite the flash will let them kno where the cam is and they can bash it or steal it . i have used one at my hunting blinde and got poachers hunting my blind . and stelin my hogs out of my traps .
  14. Stealin hawgs?! That shit is low, wild pig is tasty...Fuck poachers.
  15. Been givin this one some tought myself and i only got this in the post yesterday.
    Its on ebay for 160euro...i know a bit expensive but its infrared so it cant be detcected and can last up to 6 months on standby in the bush.
    Cant wait to try it out.

  16. Its smaller than my hand.

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