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How To Tell If Someone Is An Undercover Cop

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Abovetheignorance, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. So i'm 19 and today I was walking home from my girlfriends house when I passed through a gas station parking lot. And Suddenly this guy walking out of the gas station going towards his car probably like 20 asked if I smoke and I told him yeah. So he quietly explained how he just moved here and was looking for a connect. He didnt really seem sketchy, just looked like an average guy looking for some bud. I gave him my number and told him to text me and that I know a guy that can hook him up. Was that stupid? How can you tell if someone is undercover?
  2. Just a guy thats looking for a hook-up a cop wouldn't be doing that randomly.
  3. When you do meet up with him scope out the area or if you know where he's at just get their earlier and watch for cops/ etc.
  4. If their going undercover theyre going after big fish.

    If they wanna bust you for a dime bag they're gonna bust your friend down the street and flip him on you.

    You gotta think $$$ because that's exactly how law enforecement works, on a budget.

  5. If he's a cop then don't give him the hook up
  6. Be like, here....and pass the j before any money changes hands.

    He won't smoke undercover, less he's dirty.
  7. They do bust on small amounts all the time, but only in urban poverty stricken areas.

    So ya, unless u were in the ghetto, go ahead and help the guy out for that good karma coming ur way.

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  8. If they're good, you won't know. That's pretty stupid to tell random people you smoke.
    pretty sure they can do whatever they need to do depending on how deep undercover they are...
  10. Ask him to say "fuck obama" and if he says it you're clear 
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  11. just no.
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    They get drug tested. Those that test positive get removed. The only cop who's going to violate the terms of his employmnt is the cop going after the biggest fish. No rookie undercover will jeopardize his career.

    I know this because I was forced into the academy in my youth for smoking green. Then when my cousin became a cop, I asked a shit ton of hypothetical questions to get his cop brain trained reaction/response.
    I don't think cops would bother busting one guy and his small time dealer, budget is everything really.
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  14. You know all those threads you see "I asked people outside a headshop, they were probably sketched, denied me...."
    Well, if you help this guy, you'll be helping one of those people who make those threads. Good Karma, just hook the dude up.
  15. Informants can use but under cover police no. have him roll a joint for you, that will tell haha
  16. Under cover police can use any drug, will just be unlikely they're trying to target weed though, this is for bigger operations.
  17. Thats the best answer for this question. High 5 to bumbaross!
  18. I always try to help anyone out....but I draw the line at doing something illegal that could make me end up in jail...
    I wouldn't even buy cigs or beer for an underage person I didn't know......
  19. add him on facebook. also get like half a gram and smoke it with him without him buying it

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