How to tell if some one is a pot dealer

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  1. Iv been trying to find a new dealer but I don't know how to tell if they deal weed or not cause I don't wanna ask the wrong people
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    Ask the homeless.

    I shit you not, most of my hook-ups have come from this method...

    edit; and no, just to clarify, I don't pick up bud from homeless guys on the street. However, they usually know a decent connect and are usually happy to have some conversation without someone trying to hit them or something
  3. Hand them a dutch and see if they take it

    People who don't smoke weed have no use for dutches

  4. you sly fox
  5. If they're good, you can't tell.
  6. you can identify your said pot dealer through innocent everyday conversations.
    for instance during conversation does said person say things such as:
    1. "what ya need"
    2. "got what ya need"
    3. "got them sacks"
    4. "____ on deck"
    5. "you hongry?"
    6. "you trying to spend something?"
    7. "what ya need"
    8. "fucks with me"
    9. "thats why i stay up on this pressure cuz if ya cant keep up ya cant get off
    10. "whatcha need"
    if you answered "yes" to any of these above then congratulation your still a faggot but at least you'll be a high faggot
  7. Look for a middle aged white guy standing on the corner with sunglasses on at night...

    Oh that ear piece? he's just a handsfree pot dealer...
  8. Don't ask someone if they sell pot. People who sell usually find you and getting hook ups through other friends and people you meet isn't hard. I would never go to someone that I wasn't hooked up with or knew somehow. Marijuana is everywhere and a lot of people sell it. I've sold weed for brief periods of time.

    Be careful and be responsible. Talk to people you know who smoke and try to get them to hook you up, its the best route to go.

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