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How to tell if its pollinated??

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Flemian, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Hey, I was wondering if there was a way to tell if a female plant got pollinated before the male was removed. Would you see the seeds forming before the actual buds of the plant? Or does the bud need to grow first then the seeds form within it? If anyone has any idea let me know.
  2. you should know that

    you would see little.... well here this will help
    and you should really read sum posts they help alot
  3. The plant is 6 feet tall and it only started growing balls 2 weeks ago. I think they are seeds because the are growing in a cone around the little buds
  4. whats your question that i havent already answered?
  5. He's asking if his plant is pollinated, not if its male or female. like he found a male, and removed it but isnt sure if he did it before it boned his female(s).-money fresh
    and sorry i dont know the answer to your thread.
  6. You should be able to see little seed pods forming within the bud. They seeds form faster than the flowers so you should be able to see the seeds before the bud fills out.
  7. the seeds form inside the calyx ..the little cone that has the white hairs coming out of it so if she is pollinated u will be able to see sum seeds but not for awhile prolly a couple weeks or so just get the male out there and ull be fine.. even if she was pollinated it prolly wasent that much if ur buds are still imature
  8. You should be OK at this early stage. Usually the male pods have to open for VIABLE pollen to be released. Even if this is the case your plants should not be far enough along for disaster like pollination. Major pollination issues result from pollen on maturing female plants with thousands of calyxes, not just a few preflowers. A calyx needs to be present for pollination to occur mmkay. Worse case scenario your few preflowers may have been pollinated. No way to tell if they have been pollinated other than waiting to see your calyxes swell into this below


    You will see unusual swelling to the point of the calyx splitting and the seed popping out.
  9. Thanks alot. The plant definatly was odd. I ended up cutting it down since it was right next to other females and i didnt want to take the chance of it being a hermi or somethin. I think it was a late developed male because i felt some of the balls/seeds or what ever and they had a yellowish pollin commin out from them. Hopefully it hasnt pollinated the other females.

    The strange thing is that it was a female. It didnt show any signs or being male or Hermi until a few weeks ago and they already been growing since march 28th.

    I removed one male early on in the grow so maybe it made one of the females bug out and turn hermi.. A shame it was an Afghan Goo plant too.

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