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How to tell if backpage escort is undercover?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Basquedude, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Hmm I never been with an escort in the US. Only in europe where its semi legal.
    So I found out about backpage and sure it has some great chicks. But im hearing too many stories of vice stings. I dont want to get in trouble. What should I look for to see if they are legit?

    So far Im hearing that if they work from a motel to stay away that they might be a cop. Or if they have a local area code prefix on phone number instead of typical cell phone then it might be a cop.

    SOmeone please give me some tips. Ill PM you the ads im looking at to see what you think. Just post here.
  2. Dude escorts arent illegal. You are going to get "adult entertainment" which is lap dance, strip tease etc. Its up to the girl if she wants sex but thats a given. No escort site posts that the girls have sex cuz thats illegal. So it wouodnt be an undercover cuz by calling an escort and meeting her your not doing anything illegal. Also if on the low chance its a cop you cant be in trouble because in the initial convo the girl will never say you give me x amount i have sex with you.
  3. If you end up in handcuffs.

    Well....sometimes that can be a good thing,so I'm not too sure how to answer your question.
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  4. Yeah I know, but cops will do anything and LIE to entrap you.
    Im scared.
    Dunno what to do. What signs should I look for?

    Like one of the girls claims to live in a neighboorhood where theres a lot of "russians" which I feel good about, cause I used to live with russians in europe and I also went to russian brothels over there and Im pretty secure with that. They are like italians, they wont cross you or rob you, you just better not mess with them...... Thing is the girl is american..... I dunno, she also claims its a private residence and insists thats its safe. Could that be a sting?
  5. I too want to try an escort. Just for the experience. A bomb ass chick to act like she cares and really doesn't. Sounds cooler then casual sec. Somewhat worried like op.
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  6. Your not paying for sex your paying a donation. Anything that happens is between two adults i used to work at a hotel and would always hear them talk
  7. if your this scared before even contacting one

    i would suggest something else
  8. Sting operation hookers are always too hot to be true.

    They dont have to tell you if they are a cop.

    If she brings up money, its a cop.

    Play coy and ask her to do some nude modeling or something, if it's a cop they wont waste their time on you because its not a crime.

    *all from manswers
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  9. Heard on manaswers. Ask em to take naked photos.

    Edit:* and fuck the guy above beat me
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  10. Fucking Genius!!! and to think i spent all that time in jail for no reason. fuck!
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    I had a friend of mine try to get a hooker in DC. We were going to the club and there was a sexy white girl who was asking if he wanted to have fun. She charged a ridiculously low price, and me and some other guys were like "yo, this is fishy." Immediately a big white van sped around the corner and cops hopped out, cuffed him and threw him in the van.

    He was our ride so we were bitching and a cop car sped around the corner and the cop was like "Get the fuck outta here before I arrest you all for interfering with an investigation." We literally watched as another rich white guy got picked up by the cops. Two of my boys got arrested that night and we had to take a taxi. It was some gay shit. Fuck the police. Selling isn't illegal. Sex isn't illegal. So why the fuck is selling sex illegal?

  12. Because old people vote and you don't

    JK i have no idea, I thought this was America
  13. If her penis feels like a gun.. it's probably a cop
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  14. Penis? lol
    I dont look for trannys dude.......
  15. you may not be looking for them.. doesn't mean one won't surprise you some time
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  16. Hmm, never had that happen to me.
  17. my husbands exwife use to hook, just say you're paying 'for her time' or just ask for a spanking and obviously that's niche so, cops don't rly care about that stuff. also never ever leave a trail of texts/recorded phone calls implying you're looking to screw just 'spend some time' with your woman of choice.

    ha. hope that helps. I guess.
  18. but for real doe, they have escort review websites where people review escorts. the website basically confirms that you're legit and then from the reviews that you post, the escort then confirms that the client isnt a cop either. its a win, win.
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  19. 3 year old thread^
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