How to tell if a hps bulb is used.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by DoobNewb, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. New to hps systems...

    I ordered a bunch of cheap hps bulbs and they all look used except one. I knew since they were cheap to expect a few bad ones but didn't expect so many. The metal at the screw in part is discolored and almost looks melted.

    How can I tell for sure if they've been used?

    Also is it okay to use bulbs with scratches and or nicks in the glass housing, the manuals say not to.

    Here's some pics [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

  2. those look ran... you can tell by the black flecks on the rod that lights up or by the heat coloration at the back of the bulb. Also look to have some factory imperfections....shitty bulbs lol, may still light up but who knows how many hours they coulda been used. It suuux but I learned the hard way to stick with digilux and hortilux on my hps bulbs, the cheap bulbs are just that, CHEAP. I replaced 4 Brand new ultrasuns inside of 4 months of use, ive used Horti's for over a year without burnout(not recommended, light loss past 8 months)
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  3. yup...there worth the money
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  4. Okay thanks for the help!

    Lesson learned lol.

  5. weve all made the mistake before. no big
  6. Stay away from ANY chinese equipment. They think that since it's likely to be used for semi legal/illegal activity that nobody will call em on their BS. I bought a lumatek look alike ballast from a chinese company and the damn thing wouldn't even turn on. Called the company and was basically told that they don't care, no refund, no replacement, no apology. Dude didn't even say good-bye, just his 'tough titties' shit followed by him hanging up.
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  7. Damn that's cold. I bet most of the time they don't even get called out on it though. Definitely gonna be more careful with future orders. Luckily i got a refund with this one.

  8. You will be better off buying standard brand name hps bulbs for about $12 to $22. They are at least very good quality and new in the box! They work near as well as horti whatevers.
  9. just get what you pay cheap you get cheap crap back
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  10. I've used hortilux blue series mh and super HPS bulbs and couldn't be happier. The 1000 watt hortilux super HPS is only 52$. If you can afford it its much better than off brand.
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