How to tell if a girl is interested

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  1. Ok so im 18, had a few girlfriends in the past, they have always begged it. By this I mean I never really had to try, they were all over me.
    So I was at this party recently and it was basically a party full of people a year or two younger than me and my freinds. We were walking around like we owned the place, fronting like I went hard, nobody even questioned or thought twice. I went up to all the girls in the party and hit on a couple of them, and this one girl who is hoooot said she liked me and we had a really good laugh with eachother at the party.
    So last night I added her on facebook and was just joking around with her a little for maybe like a few minutes, the convo didnt go on for long, she seemed like she was trying but didnt know what to say so it died out.
    Shall I wait for her to initiate the next convo, or what should my next move be? I dont want to look as if im begging it ( sorry lol couldnt think of another word. )
  2. if the convo didn't go on for long, and she said things like yeah, or lol alot you're beat.
  3. you talked to each other at the party
    she said she liked you (even if that's flirting.. that's something)
    and now yall are facebook friends, and chatted on there too.

    now, why do you have doubts that she doesn't like you?
    i'd say wait a day, then ask her out.
  4. Nah nah we had a good talk, both asking questions and stuff but it just ended too fast for my liking.
  5. if you were feeling it at the party you should have went in for the kill. you blew it when the night was over. you had a spark but it died off. you live and you learn

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