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How to tell if a bowl is fully smoked?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JJmatix, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. noob question i know .. . but sometimes when smoking my piece i wouldnt know when a bowl is completely done. i dont know how long i should light it after it turns black, and sometimes when i ash ill the upturned nugs only to see that the bottom half is still green
  2. When you turn the bowl upside down all the bud that is fully smoked will be ash and will fall out. Anything still sticking to the bowl has moisture still in it and can be smoked.
  3. Not exactly. You can have a bowl that you turn upside down and NOTHING falls out, unless you hit it, which will knock out some of the smokable half-greens. Don't want to be doing that, now do we? :smoking: ;)
  4. Touch it lol if theres only powdery ash then its done, if theirs bits of tangible pot you'll feel it.
  5. You just look I guess.
  6. Here is the sure way. Smoke it untill you dont get anymore smoke. You also need to stir the bowl. When it gets all black like that just stir it up to get to those green nugs.
  7. when there aint no more damn smoke.
    some people ash it when there is another hit left though just because they think it might cash out on them, i dont mind cashing out a bowl.
  8. Easy, keep llighting & hitting until there is no more somke action, then whack it against your palm or leg or what ever and the ash will jettison itself out of the pack.

    Allthough, this will not apply once your bowl gets full of resin, then you can be smoking on a bunch of resin eventhough the pack is depleated.

    Hope this helps:)
  9. If you turn the bowl upside down and nothing falls out then that is because there is moisture left in the bud which is clinging to the side of the bowl. Ash always falls out. What are you talking about?

  10. I have seen ash as dry and ashy as ash can get that refuses to come out...

    Alot depends on how tightly packed the dope was before smokage.

    Befor you get all argumentative, why dosent the ash of a blunt or joint just fall off immediately after being burned??;)
  11. I just literally cleaned out my spoon and it was ALL ash. Guess what? It didn't fall out when I tapped it on my ashtray.

    This isn't debatable.
  12. Thats because the resin lining the bowl is hot and sticky and the ash is sorta clinging to it. Blow through the chamber with your finger over the carb or tap on your leg.
  13. I know how to get it out. I just cleaned it with iso/salt before using it. I'm telling him that he's wrong that ash just falls out by simply turning the bowl/spoon upside down.
  14. Fail.

    Anyway, If you want to know if there's still bud in your bowl... come on now, just stick your finger in there!
  15. pull that shit through?
  16. when the top is all white, i usually hit the bowl on my palm so everything comes out and i look through to see if there is any bud left.
  17. The way I tell is usually if a small hole is present in the ash or the taste is a dead give away also it just tastes different towards the end...or it could just be me:rolleyes:
  18. I just give the top a light blow to get the ash off and pack down whatever's left with the lighter.
  19. if you see no light thru the piece.. apply the lighter and haul ass if its clogged youll get fuckin ripppped lol i used to get too ripped to go to school doin that back in the dday
  20. ++

    Just put your finger in there. If it's completely cashed, your finger will go straight to the bottom of the bowl. If there's any bud left whatsoever you will be able to feel the texture/lumps of the bud that hasn't been smoked fully.

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