How to tell a girl no without being a dick

Discussion in 'General' started by THCs, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. This girl friend of mine who I kind of talked too and took out a few times a couple months out wants too go with me and my buddies on 420. But I don't want her too because she is annoying when she is high.

    Im asking how to say no without saying "I don't want you too go" or making some random excuse up
  2. Just say you aren't going anymore. Or you have too many people with you(assuming you're driving somewhere and she'd need a ride). Or you could say you're kinda going with another girl though that would be kinda a dickish lie.
  3. if she's into you be straight up so she doesn't get the wrong idea about you. nothing sucks more than being lead on

    if she's just a friend who you don't wanna come just beat around the bush lol
  4. Just stop talking to her. No phone calls, no texts. It's a dick move, and that's not what you want but it works, trust me

    Know weed, know peace. No weed, no peace.

  5. Bro that's weird. Ill explain in more detail.

    This past Monday my good friend asked me if I wanted too chill on 420 (its my bros bday too) on Saturday. Where gonna go rock climbing and then to this party after.So this other girls texts me and asks me what im doing and she ending up telling this other girl which she is friends with. So the whole thing has been me saying theres no room and in reply she is now saying she has a ride and texting the fuck outta me.

    Just annoying.
  6. Send her the link to this thread.
  7. Stick it in her a- wait, never mind.
  8. Shit, sounds like you got yourself a stalker maybe. Have you tried saying its your bros bday and he only wants close people there?
  9. im so stoned and that is halarious

  10. I would just tell her you want to kick it with the dudes for 4/20 and celebrate with your closest friends. She will get the message loud and clear
  11. Hell yeah and lmfao at meow's comment, awh man, too funny

    But yeh some.chicks are a little crazy and invite themselves to places, just be honest and let her know you had plans with your friends already and there isnt room for someone else to come along, worse that could happen is she'll call you a faggot for wanting to hang out with your boy's over her, no big deal brush her off she'll just sound like an idiot
  12. Since i've used the other one a few times already... gotta mix it up.

  13. Just say your friends don't like her haha.

  14. XD HAHAHAHA I've been dry for days now and this just made me shoot water out my nose.

    +rep for you my friend :gc_rocks:
  15. tell everyone else that she's annoying but still invite her.

    when she gets annoying everyone else will tell her, she will feel bad and leave and you wont look like a jerk, everyone else will.

  16. Yeah she texts me and I don't reply most of the time. And yes I said it was mostly for my bros bday so close friends are gonna be out there. But no luck ahaha. She stopped texting me so ill just figure it out Saturday haha. Probably just wont reply.

  17. That would be funny but this bitch is like all over you annoying.

  18. Sounds like a good plan. You can always just say you were out in the middle of nowhere and didn't get reception. But if she randomly shows up at the part, shit.:smoking: dunno what you could do besides keep talking to another chick,though the stalker chick could flip shit and start a fight,.

  19. Ive done that so many times haha. and nah she wont show up plus its a natural park so we'll be on different trails all day. Actually gonna be quite fun, im down to chill with chicks later on that night. LOL.

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