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How to talk to girls High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FriedFriend, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. i am really bad at this. i get quiet / really happy and can't think of anything to say to them. i find it hard to be stimulating to the ladies. especially when combined with alcohol. how do u guys do it? I'm sure its some kind of skill i need.

    thanks everyone.
  2. oh man, just be yourself. Girls talk to me all the time when im high! your mind wanders and the small talk just flows naturally. i dont even notice it, but i guess im much more open and nice when im mildly baked :smoke:
  3. just talk, with your mouth
  4. On several occasions when I have been high I realized the great importance of confidence that one should have when talking to girls/women. Weed helps me relax and I actually have gained confidence from smoking pot, but I have yet to talk to them while high. You don't necessarily have to have the confidence when talking to them, but at least look the part (a.k.a. faking the confidence). It helps to gain the confidence than to fake it. There are different ways of gaining confidence, but the effectiveness of each method will depend on your personality. I would say a sure fire way of building confidence is to do something that you are normally afraid of doing. This might sound counter intuitive, but I have tried this with other areas besides women and it worked. Initially, I was nervous and a little scared to ask people in my town who look like stoners if they knew where I could find some pot. Then one day I spotted a stoner (~2PM) in the main part of town and I said to myself, "What's the worst that could happen from just asking? A) He doesn't have any or know where to get some B) He's offended (and if he is, who cares). On those two potential outcomes, I asked him and the result was A. I felt good after that because I had just done something that I was timid about and it wasn't so bad after all even though I didn't get pot. I forgot to mention that I was sober during that experience.
  5. Move your mouth and resonate your vocal chords. Don't get nervous, enjoy your mellow, and let the good times roll
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    confidence is not my problem. i just can't think of anything stimulating to them to say. unlike when I'm sober. most ladies aren't into people who appear stoned.
  7. Don't stress too much about what you're saying - people can pick up on it when you're trying too hard.

    Just be yourself. Also keep in mind that not everyone's going to necessarily like you, but they don't have to. The ones that do like you will want to be around you...just let the natural process work itself out.

  8. ok. i am very different high than sober. thats why i think the natural process doesn't work. i need to sound more... sexy. like i do sober. playing with words, sounding intellectual, and making lots of jokes, then moves.
  9. talking to girls? not really difficult. just have a conversation like you would with anyone you just met
  10. lol ive always found easier to find shit to say when baked im more open but i have no problem talking to girls sober either idunno
  11. If I want to talk to girls, I don't get high. When I'm high, I either zone out and stop talking for hours, start talking about an uninteresting subject or highdea until everyone gets bored and leaves, eat everything, or laugh at things that aren't funny. None of these things are very attractive.
    Almost the same thing for getting drunk. I get violent, or worse, grabby. Girls don't like that.
    My advice: don't get high if you want to pick up girls. If you're just looking for a conversation, have it when you aren't high. If they try to talk to you, just say "I'm not going to be any good at conversation right now, I'm way too high." Or fall back on the old stoner failsafe, stare past her head, open your mouth a little bit, nod a lot, and say "Uh huh".
  12. ok. it seems like we have 2 different kinds of people here. the people who get better at flirting high, and the people with ADD that zone out and suck at flirting high (like above). what is the secret to not fall into this???!!!!

  13. You smoke a joint (whatever you prefer) "get high" and find a girl and say hi.
    Thats how you talk to a girl high.
  14. If you can't talk to girls high, I can't imagine how you'd handle the po-po. That wouldn't end well for you, man. Get some confidence.
  15. Say hi awkwardly giggle and walk away, 60% of the time, it works every time.
  16. i will try to be less quiet i guess.
  17. 1. Be yourself

    2. DON'T overthink things. Once that starts you never think of the "right" thing to say. Just say what you feel and do what you do.

    Good luck my friend. Only two rules I follow and it works fine.
  18. Why are you trying to hit on women if your pic is a girl?

  19. I am one of those dudes who gets the high anxiety and being in social situations without good friends puts me through hell...

    Throughout the years I have gotten way better thou the anxiety is still flowing.

    My trick is letting the girl control the conversations, they love to talk and no one listens. I usually start with an ice breaker question even with chicks I know, like how was your weekend or work or whered you get that dank why didnt you hit me up, how was class.

    I then let the convos flow from there. When I cant think of something or have nothing to say I dont say shit haha and then she'll start talking again because she has a listener.

    When shit gets real quite Ill just chime in with a convo starting question like whats up with this weekend or later tonight. That usually sparks the convo back up. If not, ill deploy a super random question such as a what do you wanna do in the future, where do you want to travel, you dtf? Just kidding haha.

    But yeah thats the jist of my how my stoned anxiety filled mind talks to babes.
  20. I have the same problem except it has nothing to do with talking to girls, just talking in general when im high. I simply dont have anything to say when Im baked lol I just sit there and am not social. If I want to be social I dont blaze..that is that some people just cant do it.

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