how to talk to brother about smoking

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  1. sorry if this is in the wrong spot, i wasn't sure where to put it.

    we're going to the virgin islands tomorrow, and my brother, who's 5 years older than me is coming. he used to deal, and i'm pretty sure he still smokes but not positive. we're not super close (we don't really fight anymore though). what would be a good way of asking him if he wants to smoke sometime or just talking to him in general about it? i do not want to just straight up ask.

    have you ever smoked with a sibling? if not, do your siblings know you do?
  2. somehow work in something about medical or legalizing it, then maybe he will share a story and it will get rollin from there. if he dealt and shit, u shouldnt be too worried asking.
  3. somke is bad for himself.
    you can give him some example to express that!!:)
  4. just flat out ask him, unless you think he is going to snitch you out.
  5. Yea dude, you just gotta ask him straight up. Whats the worst that could happen? No harm in just asking a single question.

    I smoke with my older brother whenever I'm with him. We were never close untill one day he just randomly asked me to smoke with him, and i said ok. haha. Been friends ever since.:hello:
  6. ^^^ that is how me and my brother are I'm the older by 4 and we fought all the time. One day we were sitting on the couch watching adult swim and I had bought some new bud and had some bud from a week ago but wanted to smoke the new bud so I asked if he wanted the rest of my old bud It was fire I am new to smoking but I never smoked anything but highs, that is all I can ever find I want to get some low grade bud to roll like a ounce blunt just so I can say I did it. Anyways he said ya, we both new each other smoked but never talked about it until then now most nights I get him a pint of liqour cause he likes drinking more then smoking and he takes a ambien I smoke up and we watch Adult swim till we pass out lol. I pure pressure him to smoke all the time now. I just walk into his room with a hit in my lungs and let the smoke out and walk out and say lets go smoke! He usually can't resist when the smell of the smoke hit him, I figured out just asking him wasn't enough I have to wave my bud jar in front of him so he can get a wiff and blow smoke in his room he eventully comes.
  7. just say hey man we in the islands, ya wanna toke up a bit on the beach!
  8. If you think he's cool with smoking, just straight up ask. I know you said you don't want to approach it like that, but if you just ask him chances are he'll give you an honest answer.
  9. I didn't find out my brother smoked until he found out about me right after I failed a drug test.
  10. My brother probably won't ever smoke weed.

    He thinks it's gross and addictive. I'll see what happens when I move out to uni and he comes to visit. He simply cannot resist the lure of college kids hittin' a sesh!

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