How to talk to an attractive girl in college without it being awkward?

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  1. there's this girl in one of my classes that always comes in later than everyone else (about 90 students in the class). she doesn't sit next to me, but i always catch her looking at me. i'm thinking of coming in later than her one day so i can get a seat next to her and then ask if we have a test this week. she'll answer, hopefully.

    she usually looks bored. can't really talk much since it's a lecture so i was thinking as the class drags on i hand her a piece of paper with a tic tac toe box on it. i'll put an X in one of the boxes so she doesn't mistake it as i want her number since a tic tac toe box looks exactly like this # haha

    advice, opinions, and experiences please. i'd really like some female responses on this!
  2. Well you might want to make sure she's really looking at you, & not someone else because that could get a little awkward. But the tic tac toe thing is pretty cute & original, if a guy did that to me I wouldn't be able to help but smile & be glad he saved me from the boredom of my class :)
  3. ok lets say she isn't looking at me or anyone for that matter. does this lose credibility? would the tic tac toe make you wanna hang out with him eventually haha
  4. Well it wouldn't lose all hope, but it definitely helps. If you keep catching a girl lookin' at you, she's lookin' at for a reason & that reason is usually she's just wonderin' about you, ya know like I wonder if he's actually a cool guy or a dbag.

    & yes, just doing that in the first place will show her you're a nice guy & atleast like her. Then just go from there, walk out together after class, keep it simple, don't be overwhelmingly all over her since that could scare her away. But you also don't want to be put into the friend zone, so say something about her smile or that she looks nice, do NOT say she looks hot though, we don't want to hear it.
    & make her laugh! You get her to laugh, & you'll have a better chance of her thinkin' about you on her way home ;)

    I hope that makes sense?
  5. college girls are whores. they wanna bang not play tic tac toe holmes.

    next time you catch her lookin at you give her a smile
  6. I think u should stick with the plan about u giving her the piece of paper with # on it. I dont think u should put an X in it tho shoot for the stars and go for the number
  7. word. this is wha i was thinkking she'll probably think your immature with the tic tac toe thing
  8. haha yea i'm wondering if it's too child-like... that's why a female opinion is needed! and so far the only female to respond said it's good.

    also, i've heard "what worked in 3rd grade works in college"
  9. Well it might just be IMO, but I wouldn't think it was childish. Obviously, since you're in college, the only reason you would be doing it in the first place is because you like her & are too nervous to think of anything else which in turn makes us go "Aww" in our head.

    So if you're just lookin' for a piece of ass, you can just ask her for her number & hope she's a skank, otherwise your plan is just fine.
  10. you mean sluts? whores get paid, sluts give it away for free.

  11. hes got a point
  12. This is my advise. It has never failed me. Ever. Be confident. Period.

    First.... Look directly at her when you catch her looking at you. Make eye contact and give her a little smile. Repeat if necessary.

    After class... walk up to her, tell her she has a pretty smile, or compliment her on her shoes or some shit. Be direct and to the point. Just straight up ask if she'd like to go out. Simple as shit.

    People overcomplicate this whole thing. I'm telling you bro.... confidence. Not cockiness or being a jerk.... just be clear that you are approaching her for one reason, that being, to ask her out.

    I wouldn't fuck with little notes, or surreptitious games. This chick is going to know exactly why you are approaching her, and if you pull some bullshit, she'll just know you're too big a pussy to just nut up and ask her out.

    If you can't follow my advice, listen to GreenGirl.

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