How to take marijuana scent out of my room

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  1. so i smoked a bowl in my mediumish sized room blew out the window covered the vents and space under the door. i left the window wide open for an hour (it's 32° so it's cold air if that matters)
  2. Man, what if your parents smell it???

    There's gonna be hell to pay. Better invest in a bottle of Fabreeze.

  3. take some dryer sheets and an empty paper towel tube. stuff the sheets in the tube and blow your smoke thru that. shouldnt smell as bad.

    also, if you have a window fan pulling air out it works way better. when the window is open in my smoke room it actually draws air inside so its still stanky when im done. with the fan you woudlnt know i just blazed up.

    fabreeze or air freshner would work, or just smoke outside
  4. get a fan and turn it to the highest setting and you'll be good
  5. A dozen deviled eggs will get rid of the cannabis smell.
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  6. after smoking? what i do is i just leave the windows open and i have my ceiling fan on and a little tiny fan blowing out the window as well as a humidifier on. can't smell anything after 30minutes of smoking. it's humid here. i have a smallish room because it's a room+half bath plus the houses here are pretty close together so you can smell it for sure when smoking but it doesn't stay in the room. imo the more circulation you have the faster the smell gets out. otherwise use things like a sploof, ozium, candles, odor eliminators, etc.. to get rid of the smell/mask it fast

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