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How to take ecstasy?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by DonaldRay, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. I bought a pill today and will pop it tomorrow before a party. Ive never done E before and the guy i bought from told me to chew it should I swallow it (no gay jokes) or chew it then swallow.
  2. first time i would advise you to swallow it.

    It taste terrible,and hits you faster but harder if you chew it.
    you might not be able to handle coming up that fast.

    But if you do chew it, id advise you to only use your front teeth, so it doesnt get stuck in your molars, in which pieces can stay for a hour.

    Also its better if you take it on a empty stomach if your swallowing it.

    Much Love.
  3. Put it under your tongue and let it disolve, or you can just swallow it, but take it with juice or water.
  4. the first x i ever took was a pure pill i chewed up..within 20 minutes i was rolling on the ground:p
  5. I knew a guy that loved to parachute his beans...anally.

    he would crush up the tab, wrap it in a little bit of kleenex and literally shove it up his ass. swore by this method up and down to get you the most fucked up.

    I'm perfectly fine just being normal fucked up via swallowing a tab than all that.
  6. Thanks for the swift responses guys really helpful.
  7. that guy is stupid.

    It works alot better if you dissove it in water, then put it in a syring or a turkey baster, and squirt it up your anus.

    Not that ive ever done this ofcourse.

  8. you wanna roll outside of the box tonight? ;)

  9. hey bby, how much per hour?
  10. Plug it, only true way to feel it. :D
  11. No Thanks :rolleyes: My original post clearly stated oral methods. If you humored yourselves good job I guess, thanks to the contributors in this thread though.
  12. just swallow it

    doesn't really matter if u chew before

    if u cut it up and mix it with some water or juice then it will hit u faster

    but it doesn't really matter imo
  13. Swallow, chew, it don't matter really. One will hit u faster but either way your gonna roll. Actually yea swallow it without chewing, the come up of rolling for my first time kind off freaked me out, but only for a bit :p:p:D:D
  14. heh.heh. swallow. heh
  15. "everyone know you gotta crush em first then drink em"

  16. what's the new minimum wage again???

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